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5 Tips For Mindful Eating During The Christmas Holidays

Holidays are getting near, which means more excitement and euphoria regarding the new clothes, food, gifts, and parties.

There’s something genuinely magical about the festive atmosphere and that time of year when everyone seemingly decides to don their favorite sweater knitted by their grandma and eat cinnamon cookies while watching Christmas movies.

christmas cake
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Food is a huge aspect of many winter holiday traditions so it’s no wonder that most people look forward to holidays, so they can enjoy their favorite meals. But, it’s important to mention that during winter holidays, moderation is the way to be, and therefore, here are five tips that will help you eat more mindfully during Christmas:

1. Don’t eat in a hurry

Combining different (and often contrasting) types of food can cause pain, bloating, nausea and in some cases, even diarrhea. So, in order to avoid that, you should be careful and consume foods that go well together. Additionally, making a break between the main course and a dessert can also benefit your health.

Now, resisting all the cakes, cookies, puddings and other treats can be difficult, so instead of depriving yourself, you should make an effort to eat in moderation. The easiest way to achieve that is to eat slowly and employ all senses, rather than chewing and swallowing your food without even feeling the taste. Of course, make sure to be disciplined when you sit in front of a table full of different delicious foods and try to ask the hosts about the ingredients so you won’t end up overfilling your plate with stuff that you don’t like eating.

2. Make sure to eat regularly

The biggest mistake people make during holidays is to deprive themselves of food in order to have an appetite for big meals. Even though this might seem practical, it’s actually harmful to your health, since extreme hunger isn’t the path towards mindful eating. Whenever you’re going for dinner, it’s important to eat something throughout the day so you won’t feel hungry in the evening. That’s the healthiest way to avoid overeating during holiday gatherings.

Eating a normal breakfast, or maybe a smaller lunch, will sustain you until a lavish Christmas dinner, but you will still be in the mood to try different food. Remember that holidays aren’t the reason to abandon all your healthy habits in favor of temporary pleasures.

3. Consider getting some help

A lot of holiday events revolve around company parties and other official gatherings, and it’s well-known that many people let themselves go and consume too much food at these types of events. In case you’re in charge of organizing the corporate Christmas party, then you should consider between a few event catering companies that will prepare food that suits every palate. Some people prefer vegan options, while others love gluten-free food, so you should always focus on hiring those who are able to serve meals that will leave all the guests satisfied.

In case you don’t have time to prepare holiday meals, or you’re organizing an official gathering, keep in mind that getting some help will provide everyone with delicious and healthy food.

4. Give yourself a break

Just because you lead a healthy life filled with exercise and carefully selected food, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give yourself some time off during the Christmas holidays. In fact, taking a break can help you relax and spend some time with your loved ones without worrying about the diet. Being a bit lenient with your eating doesn’t mean that you should binge all the snacks. Feel free to consume anything you otherwise avoid but always make sure to eat everything in moderation.

Christmas is the perfect time to try a new chocolate cake recipe that you’ve bookmarked a few months ago. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed knowing that you’ve tried something that’s been on your radar for some time.

5. Explore new recipes

Searching for new recipes can make you feel more focused because eating the same old stuff every Christmas can become a bit boring. Now, if there are any traditional meals in your household that are universally loved, then fine, but experimenting with new desserts, sauces, cocktails, and soups can add a whole new dimension to your Christmas dinner. There are many ideas that you can consider, but make sure to consult your loved ones, so everyone can enjoy your new culinary efforts.

Mindful eating is one of the sure ways to be healthy and happy, even during the holidays. Eating slowly, preparing your meals, hiring a caterer and trying new recipes are all great methods that can make you feel satisfied and accomplished through the Christmas season.

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