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Vacancy For Content Writer – Hiring Now

Normal is boring. So, we experiment a lot with our content. And thus we expect you to be flexible with your writing and be open to experimenting with new creative ways of expression, both in the long and short form of storytelling.

Position type:

Full-Time | Freelance | Internship

Roles as a storyteller:

* Prior experience in a similar task or a journalism background is preferred, but not mandatory.

As a storyteller, you will remain alert, be pro-active and scout the internet for timely trending stories of human and national interest which are either meaningful, interesting, informative, or entertaining.

1. Feature Story Writer

Research and do interesting feature stories of people, innovative startups, socio-commerce or inclusive organizations and their impact on the society, NGOs, or rural developments, or any other constructive social causes/issues and work which can be an inspiration to many others but lacks the mainstream media attention.

     Feature stories are listed under these categories:

2. Creative Content Writer

You will be creating and curating engaging, snackable, and share-worthy content for the low-attention-span young digital audience. 

      • Curate Content: You should be quick to find, follow, and identify the currently trending feel-good stories or the positive & inspiring news from across the web, repackage it in a succinct and shareable way.
      • Create Content: You will brainstorm ideas around multiple genres and come up with original content that is either socially relevant, relatable or informative.

                For any of the above roles:

      • We also encourage you to find and report relevant news/stories of human/national interest from your city or the nearby areas too.
      • We encourage you to identify only news/stories which are socially positive or inspiring, or small deeds of kindness and humanity, or anything else in the same line.
      • Your content can be in a variety of formats like listicles, long narratives, polls, opinion pieces, quizzes, or any other innovative format that may engage the reader.

With a primary focus on constructive journalism, we are not interested in news/stories related to politics, murder, rape or anything with a negative vibe. However, we encourage everyone to write opinionated posts related to them which can focus on the possible solutions and its impact.


    • Freelance & Internship:
      • We pay per post, and not per word.
      • Payment value per post depends on various factors like your content quality, editing efforts required on your content, and many others.
      • We will discuss more in detail once you are shortlisted.
    • Full-time: We will discuss once you are shortlisted.


This is a work-from-anywhere position as long as you can deliver the desired results and add value to this platform.

Preferred Location: Delhi NCR (not mandatory)

Good to have skills:

1. General understanding of the differences between social media content and search-engine-optimized content.
Basic knowledge of Keywords, Title optimization, and SEO guidelines.
3. Basic working knowledge of WordPress.

Qualities that should preferably define you:

1. Your passion fuels your mind, and purpose drives you.
2. You are a self-starter and take full ownership of the tasks at hand.
3. You have a curious mind to explore the unexplored and dare to do the new.
4. You come with pleasant interpersonal communication skills.
5. You believe in teamwork while contributing towards a bigger goal.
6. You lock your ego somewhere in the locker before stepping out of the house.
7. You possess innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset and vision.
8. Last but not least, you possibly come with a sense of humor to sail through the rough tides.

You should be:

1. able to form crisp and grammatically correct sentences.
2. able to conceive interesting concepts, and write creative and engaging content under various genres.
3. aware of the currently trending topics across the web and have an eye for detail while writing about a topic, and filter the noise out of the story to get to the meat of it.
4. able to brainstorm content strategies that can have a positive impact and intrigue the reader.
5. active on social media platforms, mainly on Facebook and also preferably on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.
6. having a thought process, a voice of your own about the things happening around you in the society to create compelling opinionated posts.
7. Last but not the least, you know how to sprinkle humor, wherever relevant, in a dead story(everyone in today’s rat race is already so stressed).

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