When you approach the world with a childlike sensibility, it looks like an oyster. Enigmatic and mysterious, filled with so much beauty-explored and unexplored. So what motivates us to destroy nature with our reckless habits? Also, can we tackle the problem we created?

Believe it or not- “By 2050, we will have the same or maybe more plastic in the ocean than the fish. Or, If we take all the plastic on the ocean surface and pile it up, do you know how far a distance will it cover?  It will be enough to stack two-liter bottles from here to the moon and back. TWICE.”

This 12-year-old boy from Pune wantsto solve a problem, a very big problem. A 5-trillion piece problem that’s plaguing us today.” 

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Since he was young, Haaziq Kazi always felt a sense of empathy for marine creatures and was moved by the impact waste has on life. However, this is not what prompted him to do something extraordinary.

During his session, Kazi said, “On July 2013, a young whale had hit upon the shores of the northern Netherlands. The people were very surprised to find an unusually bloated stomach. When they opened it up, they found among other things, two hose pipes, [a] 9-meter rope and 37 pounds of plastic. Its cause of death: intestinal blockage.”

To counter the plastic problem that was disturbing and destroying marine life for decades, as a part of his school project, Kazi developed ERVIS, his first ever innovation, a prototype ocean cleaner ship, which can suck out plastic from the surface of the ocean.

ERVIS – the model ship

His designed ship, Ervis, has a machine in its base which sucks the plastic from the ocean and segregates it according to its size. As per his design, there is a sensor or mechanism on its bottom which detects marine life, water, and plastic while passing on from the ocean and accordingly it segregates it.

This intelligent ship will be powered by cleaner fuels like solar, wind, RNG and hydrogen. Not just that, Kazi has also worked with a 3D designer, to make the new design and tangible model of the ship.

Further, he also confessed to being an admirer of Elon Musk and the work he is doing with HyperLoop and Boring Company. Through his work, he wants to send a message that together we can do so much and make the world beautiful again.

“There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who create problems and the ones who solve them. I want to be in the latter category.” With this iconic dialogue from a popular film- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, he wanted people to understand that the problem lies with them. Only by changing their bad habits, humans can restore the natural habitat of the marine world.

Also, referring to the vicious karmic cycle and putting things into perspective, he says, “The plastic thrown in the ocean gets consumed by small organisms, which are later eaten by bigger fish, which might just be the fish that ends up on our plate.”

We cannot do justice to life and water on our planet and we are trying to find these on other planets? Think!