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We create and curate uplifting human-interest stories to spread positivity, create happiness, and inspire people.

We are making an attempt to expose people to the good happening around them in a world full of negative news.

You can not deny that the world you create today is the world you leave behind for your children and the generations to come. Our purpose is to stimulate a positive change through the stories we share. Because stories are powerful!

We believe anything is possible when we continuously evolve.

Why We Do What We Do

If it bleeds, it leads… – we find this common mainstream media ethos ethically wrong.

Today’s massive array of content through all mediums exposes us and, the next generation, to heart-wrenching stories of crime, politics, and intolerance. This, we believe, over-shadows and does not bring into light all the good that’s happening around us.

Somebody needs to tell the stories of good loud and clear to realize that humanity, gratitude, and compassion are still around. By bringing to spotlight the stories of people, the good they are doing and its impact on society, we are shifting the focus to what people pay attention to.

Stories for everyone. Stories that connect us and bring closer. Stories that inspire a change. For a bigger and better cause.

Our Ethos is based on the following three core beliefs around which this platform has evolved over time.

1. Good Vetoes Bad: These days we are overwhelmed by (bad)news. The idiom, no news is good news, rings the truest today more than ever. We believe for everything that is wrong with the world, there is something going right which keeps the ball rolling. Through our stories, we want to spread this goodness and inspire a change.

2. Positivity Is Contagious: Every life tells a different tale. We wish to bring to the fore those life experiences and learning that can spread positivity, motivate and inspire a change.

3. Everyone Loves A Good Story: As children, we have been nurtured with stories that sparked the imagination and helped us escape to a parallel universe in our minds. As life goes on, many of us lose that ability as we box ourselves into the practicalities of “real” life. But the truth is that in order to face life, we need positive stories – to give us hope, to let us dream, and to fuel us to thrive. At LBN, we create and curate stories that try to do just that – inspire a change.

Why The Name - Life Beyond Numbers

Not everything that counts can be counted.” – William Bruce Cameron.

We believe that success and achievement are the unavoidable byproducts of a combination of a relentless pursuit of excellence, self-belief, perseverance, and courage. How do you count the courage that keeps you going through the hardest of times? The hope in that inner voice which tells you to give it one more try even after you’ve failed multiple times. The belief that enables you to come out of your comfort zone and chase our dreams or, pursue a passion.

Inspiration, perseverance, motivation, hope, believe – these are things that can’t be quantified and yet, we know for a fact, that’s all that counts. And that’s what we call a Life Beyond Numbers.

How Are We Funded?

We are bootstrapped. We generate revenue through online ads and sponsored stories.

We are currently raising funds to take this platform to the next level.

If you are an investor who connects with the “WHY“, our ethos and strongly believes that positive stories are the need of the hour, you’re in the right place. We would love to have a discussion and share the roadmap ahead with you to make one of your best investment decisions.

Please write to along with your brief profile and what makes you interested to invest in this initiative.

The Team

Want to be a part of our mission? Write to us at mentioning all your skills and how you can help us in making a positive difference.