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The 3 Pills Every Leader Should Take

A healthy diet consisting of communication, confidence, intelligence, integrity etc. is great, but may not be sufficient for effective leadership ...
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life bitch

Why Can Life Be Such A Bitch?

We are born (for the purposes of this conversation) a blank screen. As we grow, the stories written on our ...
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Giving Something Back To the Communities You Care About

Giving Something Back To the Communities You Care About

When we hear the word volunteering, many of us think of people helping by picking up litter, serving hot meals ...
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Letting go of things

Letting Go Of Things – Life As We Know It Or Do We?

Letting go is one of the hardest things we learn to do as human beings. I never understood just how ...
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Rejection is good

Every Rejection Was A Blessing In Disguise And This Is Why I Will Be Always Thankful To All Of Them!

Many years back when nothing in life seemed to go right for me, I decided to run away from the ...
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hell no

5 Reasons Why You Should Say “NO” More Often For Good

What as per you is the most courageous thing to do? Oh, well, you might be having a whole list ...
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