For the first time, women farmers were sent to Israel to study advanced agro-based practices in order to link the farming community of Jharkhand with the advanced technology and to provide equal opportunity to the female workforce.

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According to the report, 24 women farmers of the state were sent on a four day trip by CM Raghuvar Das’ government. The women farmers will get the opportunity to learn about the advanced practices from Israel, which is a world champion when it comes to Agricultural Research and Development.

On January 13, an interactive session was organized at the Chief Minister’s residence in Ranchi, which was attended by farmers as well. With assistance from state government, the workers hope to bring home knowledge that will transform India’s agricultural system and will lead to better outcomes in the future.

During the session, Das directed the women farmers to collect ideas about cooperative farming, drip irrigation system, dairy culture, pisciculture, and organic farming techniques and announced that post-training, they will work as ‘Master Trainers’ at their respective districts.

Further, he motivated them and urged them to develop curiosity and grasp whatever the new agro-technology will offer.

An elated farmer Amrita Kumari, who is part of that team said, “For the first time, I am going out of my country. I am excited and will try to learn advanced agro-techniques there.”

Prior to this, only male farmers were sent to Israel by the state government. During their trip, the women delegation will be accompanied by women official.

Agricultural Secretary, Puja Singhal, said, “The women’s team will gain knowledge out of this trip and will emerge as role models in their respective districts.”