Looking for a perfect smartphone for you? Well, choosing the perfect one is a real hustle, given the plethora of smartphone options available in the market. Sometimes, Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications look fascinating to you while other times, ASUS gets your attention. But whatever gets your interests, it is important that you hit the right node on your chase to get a phone that could add value to your life.

Not sure how to begin your search for the right smartphone? Take care of the following concerns to land a smartphone purchase you could be really proud of.

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1. Display Screen Size and Quality

Screen size matters when you really care about visuals. Settling for a large screen size is the best thing you could do. Besides, you might like to grab a smartphone that’s equipped with AMOLED display. This feature ensures that you get a clear readable display even when you walk in the sunlight. Screen resolution and pixel density also contribute to a great smartphone purchase.    

2. Operating Systems

OS or operating system is the foremost thing to consider while buying a smartphone in India. You will have to choose between the two, iOS and Android. While opting-in to iOS has its own perks, still, Android also counts as a good choice. For the one who wants to avail of great features in OS at a fraction of price, Android is a perfect kick-starter. But for the one who keeps phone security above all else, iOS serves the best option.

3. Memory Storage Size

Love to capture every moment of your life? Or, are you a selfie king? If yes, then you should aim for a smartphone with a larger memory size. Investing in a smartphone with 64GB in-built memory will help serve your best interests. It ensures that you will never run out of memory for a long time. If you don’t mind putting some extra money, you could even go for a smartphone with 128GB in-built storage capacity.

4. Battery Life

Always get caught in long business trips? You might like to invest in a smartphone with a long-lasting battery. If you are a serious gamer who always stick to mobile phones, you might want to consider a phone battery that could withstand hours. A few extra hours of battery power never hurts. So prefer a smartphone that could give you long hours of battery backup.

5. Price and Budget

You could have all contemporary features in your smartphone, but then chances are that it might get out of your budget. So defining a budget for your smartphone and sticking to it helps you make a smart purchase without getting bankrupt. Certain smartphone brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi offer smartphones on a budget that you might like to explore.

Finding the best smartphone in India 2019 is easier than you think if you know about the smartphone features that matter the most. While the smartphone market is rushed with lots of makes and models of phones but figuring out the best out of them isn’t tricky if you follow the tips mentioned here. Now, you already know what it takes to make the right smartphone purchase. So put your knowledge to use to get a smartphone you could be proud of.