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People visiting Japan tend to have a checklist of things to do and buy. As a matter of fact, most of them have a list of things to take home and places they are likely to take their families. Local brands in Tokyo are very popular leading the pack with the best products including cosmetics, foods, electronics, and toiletries. Tokyo is practically an Oasis for customers in almost everything. The city also features some of the best attractions for world tourists. In this brief, we are going to talk about some of the most popular places to shop and visit for sightseeing in Tokyo.

Go for watch shopping

If you are visiting China for your business trip or just for your one or two days out of your comfort, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit some of the best watch shops here. Tokyo is a known watch destination for both new and used watches. The shops here aquifer a selection of second-hand watches at an affordable price. The watches are also high quality and exquisite craft. For clarity, before you get to the shop, you can visit some of the best online shopping sites including sevenfriday watch for the best selections.  

Visit Senso-Ji Buddhist temple

This is among the best places to visit for first-time visitors. It is also regarded as the best introductory things to do here. Save a day and head to Senso-Ji Buddhist temple. This temple is specifically busy during Sanja Matsuri in late spring. All the other times, this temple attracts countless visitors. Most of them visit here to read about the spiritual history of Japanese people. This destination offers free admissions at all times of the year and it’s always open for visitors. Additionally, if you have already decided to visit this place, spare some time and visit here especially in the morning or late at night. The reason being the number of people during other times of the day is high and may interfere with your experience. The good thing is that the place is always open and you can take some fantastic pictures at all times of the day including the night.

Visit Nakamise streets

If you are one of those people that usually want to interact with the locals and eat their delicacies, you should visit and eat on Nakamise Street. This street is right next to Senso-ji temple featuring more than 50 shops. The street offers an attraction of its own and you can never get bored here. This street has been providing visitors especially those visiting the temple with a variety of traditional snacks, souvenirs, and snacks for a long time. In fact, it is one of the oldest streets in Tokyo that has retained its reputation for centuries.

Yoyogi Park

Another place to visit with your family is here. Yoyogi Park is known for shintoo shrine, meiji jingo. If you are looking for the best place to visit with your significant other, then Yoyogi park should top the list. It is one of the best picnic parks in Tokyo. Most of the people visit here in summer months. Thousands of trees surround the park and its paths offer the best feeling with your lover. It is perfect for a chill-out weekend afternoon. Some other people also visit this place alone to read books and take a break from the hot air of their offices. On the weekends, this place is very busy with the locals and other visitors.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Are you prone of those people that wants to spend most of their time in a Japanese garden? If yes, then get to Shijuku Gyoen National Garden and spend some of the time with the family and friends. It is a 144-acre park with native and traditional garden feels. It also pockets French Formal and English Landscape garden. Even if you will have to pay some little money for the entire service, it is one of the best places to visit. The experience here will be impossible to forget. You can just trust the beautiful scenes in this garden to give you the best experience in Tokyo.

Visit the Robot Restaurant

This is a good destination for those visitors with a feel of technology and those that want to feel connected with the technology. It is a high tech machine extravaganza with flashy neon lights. It is a good and very realistic place to be on your trip to Japan. It is a crazy and highly entertaining sport to see the robot show as you dine and enjoy the best Japanese foods. This restaurant is as well one of the most expensive restaurants in the area costing 10 billion yen. It is located in Shinjuku area and hence you will not incur a lot of money on transport and accommodation around the area.

Animal Café

One of the best places in Tokyo to represent the Hawaii culture of Japan is here. Although there are several Animal Café in Tokyo, you can just meet and play with adorable animals here. If you have a natural connection with Owls, then you should visit the Owls café. I know most of the people haven’t seen any owl in life and hence they want to connect with them vis a vis. I also recommend the Hedgehog cafe. It is another place with the best and the cutest creatures.

Digital art museum

Tokyo is a tech city and hence there are several places you can visit to have some connection with the most technological companies and museums in the world. Visiting for a day or two? Don’t skip the Mori Building Digital art museum. This museum offers some unique features that you always see on Movies. To have a face to face experience with this, make it up to you to visit. Don’t be in a hurry. Just take your time and you will experience everything.

The above are the topmost things you can do in Tokyo; there are several other things to do and places to visit. This depends on the time you will be in the city. If you are there for a week or so, then you can visit more places.