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For most of the parents, it is both, a mixture of happiness and sadness to see their daughter turn 16. It is like a stepping stone from teenage to early adulthood and is widely celebrated occasions in most of the communities. It is a celebration of transformation which is considered auspicious for some communities in the west. It is also known as a teen’s milestone birthday party by some. Not only a celebration of the developmental milestone, but it also makes the teen realize the upcoming responsibilities of an adult, like academics and career.

It is important to have a talk with your daughter about this transformation. Be comfortable in talking about this, because if you are uncomfortable with it, it may create even more confusing for her. It is important to have a good support system around as it helps in the overall development of an individual. It is possible that due to peer pressure, or peer influence, your teen may not respond to you in a desirable or appropriate manner, but don’t forget, that this is the most confusing and complex phase of one’s life and you were once there too… So take a breath, and go easy on yourself and your teen.

If you are planning to throw a sweet 16 party or a quinceanera for her, involve her as well in the planning. For making the guest list, to set a theme for the party, to deciding the food menu and the location, consider her as a to-be adult and give her the opportunity to plan the ceremony or party. As this is not just a party, it is also about making the teen realize their upcoming responsibilities as an adult. By involving the teen in planning, it helps develop their concrete thinking and improvises their decision-making skills as well.

After having planned the party, take your daughter for shopping. At this age, the teenager’s style sense and yours may be totally conflicting. So, instead of creating chaos in any store, decide beforehand what is allowed and what is not. And give her a proper explanation as to why you prefer a certain kind of outfit than the other. This makes it easier for all and creates less fuss further. Plan a budget beforehand, which will show the importance of financing to the teen as well.

While you are at it, don’t forget to have a surprise gift for her. You may gift her a kindle, a pet puppy or a kitten, a nice piece of jewelry that she can flaunt in front of her friends (check out the latest designs for diamond lockets, stud earrings, rings, long necklace, a nose stud and so on). You can make it more special by adding a note from your side, which would enhance the emotional bond between the family members.

It is important for all the people to cherish the moment. Have an amazing time with the other teens and capture the moments, frame it and ages and ages hence, gather around and cherish this beautiful memory.