Content Submission Guidelines


1. All brand product/service promotional posts or posts to acquire backlinks for SEO purpose are paid

2. Links to any commercial site that sells a product or a service are paid

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What Does Not Get Published:

  • Strictly no plagiarism.
  • We do not allow links to any commercial sites (sites that sell a product or a service).
  • No personal rants pertaining to politics and religion.
  • No personal attack on any individual or organization or religion.
  • No vulgarity or adult content.
  • We do not publish poetry and fiction.
  • We only publish stories in English.

What You Should Write:

  • Write only about things you believe in.
  • Share your thoughts and opinions about things happening around you, or in personal life, or in the society in general with a positive takeaway or a probable better solution.
  • Share your learning and experiences you have had in personal life or from your professional career that may be informative or inspiring to others, or make them happy and feel positive.
  • Submit articles, fun & interesting listicles, photo stories, videos, and other stories you think readers will love to read.
  • For a better understanding of what you can/should write, we suggest you spend some time surfing through the various categories we have and the stories already published under them. It will help you to write yours.
  • Make sure to give proper credits to all the images you use(if you do not own them), or when you quote someone or some facts & figures from other sources.
  • Please ensure your content is unique and original. If it has been previously published on your personal blog, do mention the same. We will provide a link back to your personal blog. We care for you.

How It Works:

  • Once you are registered, make sure to complete your author profile. Submitted content with incomplete author profile will not get published.
  • After you submit your content, it will be reviewed by the editorial team before it gets published on our platform. If we find your submitted post relevant, it might take maximum up to 3-7 days before your post gets published. Please be patient.
  • By submitting an article, you grant us the rights to edit and modify the content for brevity and clarity to match the tone of our platform and optimize to make it more search friendly. Changes we make are mainly to improve the readability of the story body or the title, making sure its original essence is not lost.
  • We syndicate our content with other media platforms for better outreach and visibility. By submitting an article, you grant us the rights to use your stories on those third-party platforms.
  • The decision of the Editorial Team will be final.