Not so long ago, I had acute pain in my breast. Me being me, scared at the sight of hospitals and medical tests, I kept it to myself for a while only to give in to a scarier end. Various tests, getting referred to an Oncologist and not getting an appointment for the next 2 days gave me one full week to ponder upon life. I don’t think, I was in my shell more ever before. At the end of it, my biggest fear of not living did not come true as I was diagnosed negative.

But the week that I had in hand to think and overthink made me something else. Earlier, in one of my blogs, I mentioned how the year last, has been a roller coaster for me. These 5 days were like coming down on the trail and guess what, your seat belt opens. Ugh! I made a list then — of things my people should do when I am gone and I realized, some of them were really funny. Funnier still is to know what FOMO (fear of missing out) can do to you.

Here are 23 things from my list I wanted my folks to do when I am gone…

1. Do not sleep over a fight. Talk, fight, abuse, if you may. But don’t sleep over it, please.

2. Make your bed every day and keep your room clean.

3. Go play outside. Get hurt. Get a scar and flaunt it.

4. Look at the mirror in the superman position every day for 2 min. At the end of it, say to yourself “you are so awesome”.

5. Celebrate birthdays big time. Celebrate mine too with a bunch of yellow balloons. Let them fly.

6. Wake up with a song in your head. I always do that. Always.

7. Watch a lot of movies together, you all. All kinds. Have a theater at home if needed. And classics, please. Remember dialogues. Ugh, it is so much fun saying a movie dialogue in between conversations with people and if someone knows exactly what dialogue you are saying, that, son, is a keeper.

8. Get your academics right. It will make you the real person that you will be. It is the right thing to do or so did my Dad said.

9. Pick up one thing that you are best in and make that your job. Mediocre is so uncool and so not fulfilling.

10. Write a book. If not to publish, write for yourself.

11. Take care of your health. Mental health included.

12. Have one person in your life you can be completely stupid with. One that keeps you sane and grounded. Have one more you can call when you are in deep shit. That makes it your 2 and a half men. Have your 2 and a half men.

13. Travel. Oh please travel. Make travel a way of life. It will teach you more than you learned in a classroom. I promise you that.

14. Forgive. Don’t forget. And heal yourself.

15. Have pictures, lots of pictures on your wall.

16. Compliment. No matter who, when.

17. Take care of your parents. Don’t ever send them to an old age home, no matter how swanky it is. Never.

18. Be grateful. Say a little thank you prayer to God everyday for being able to breath today, have something to eat and have a shelter.

19. Say “I love you” more often. Should be easy when you mean it.

20. Listen to your heart. There would be a constant tiff between your mind and your heart, but till the time you have your heart set on it, don’t do it.

21. Go to the beach more often. Walk at night on the beach under the starry sky. And if you have a hand to hold then, walk along a little far.

22. Go to Inverness in Scotland. It’s beautiful.

23. Have a good life.