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Planning a wedding is so stressful, as you have to take care of many things. From boutonnieres to toddler flower girl dresses and bridesmaids dresses, every single detail needs time to be completed. And when we talk about weddings being held in a certain destination, things are getting more and more complicated. The wedding etiquette determines who does what, who pays for what, and the dressing etiquette as well.

But, what about the weddings held in another place that is not your hometown? Whether you are a guest or just planning to have the wedding of your dreams, this post will help you know more about destination weddings.

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Choose The Right Attire

Depending on the weather conditions and formality of the wedding, you should make the right decision regarding the attire. Whether you are the bride or a guest, make sure that you dress accordingly. There is a huge difference between a non-formal wedding held on a beach and a cathedral ceremony. Both require different clothing, so make sure that guests are informed well ahead. White flower girl dresses are a must, so take care of that as well.

Intimate Wedding

If a destination wedding is the bride’s desire, the limited budget is not the problem. Many would choose to have a destination wedding with a close family, and then make a celebration when they get back home. It is totally okay if you are not invited to the destination as a guest, just because the budget could not cover the costs for so many people.


The wedding invitations should be received long before the wedding so that each guest can plan accordingly. Some of them should arrange free days from work, babysitters, or even obtain their travel documents. The right time for save-the-dates is a year ahead, and for the official invites it would be three or four months. The invites should be very detailed and contain all of the needed info, such as accommodation, activities, and the dates.

Who Pays What For A Destination Wedding?

When it comes to the costs, there are a few options. The bride and groom can cover the stay and travel, or they can only cover the accommodation and let the guests book their flight. Or, the costs can fall on the guest’s side. Costs are clearly higher when we talk about a destination wedding, and it is okay to expect that guests will cover their accommodation and travels. If this is the case, then the invites should include instructions on how to get the best price or the websites where they can book their flights and accommodation. Although communication about costs can be unpleasant, this will give everyone a hint. If the bride and groom want to offer a place to stay, they can just rent a whole house or negotiate a group stays in a hotel.

When it comes to the food, the thing that must be paid by the bride and groom are the meals during the festivities. Paying for other food costs outside this is a very kind gesture.