It goes without saying that Durga Puja is the biggest festival for the Bengalis. A festival that is celebrated across the globe with complete love and joy. But, it is true that during the festival it gets crazier in Kolkata. The festival is ongoing and there is a flood of people on the streets.

There is no night or day for pandal hopping and therefore, managing the crowd can be a gigantic task for the law enforcement agencies. It so much depends on them to ensure that the puja turns out to be a happy one for the people in the “City of Joy”.

Amid the celebrations, one cop’s enthusiastic approach when it came to dealing with the crowd has quickly grabbed the attention online.

Dressed casually, this man has perfected the art of balancing a tricky situation. In the video, he can be seen standing with one leg on the chair and the other on the bamboo barricade. On Saturday, October 5, the Kolkata commissioner also noticed his effort and handed him a special reward.

Filmed by a visitor, you can watch the viral video here-

He was identified as Elias Miyan. He hails from North Kolkata and is a constable with Kolkata’s Police’s reserve forces. He is currently stationed as Tridhara Sammilani, one of the biggest pujas in south Kolkata. While on duty, he asked the people to maintain a line and keep moving so that the flow of people can be managed.

Happy Durga Pujo to you all!