Women’s safety is one long issue that is yet to be addressed properly. However, it is sad that crimes against women are hardly decreasing. It is almost like harassment, abuse and violence are an inseparable part of their lives, not for everyone but most of them.

While the laws are failing to provide any sense of security to these women, a group of engineering students from Moradabad is claiming to have invented a sandal-drone security system equipped with GPS to ensure women feel safe in this country.

Named as Flying Cop and Women Defense System, the project is designed to work on electric shock and GPS technology to send a distress signal, which will then trigger a drone movement. Currently, the college is planning to patent the gadget and provide some girls with a prototype to use it, mentioned the ANI report.

While talking to the news agency, one of the students involved in the project Diwakar Sharma mentioned that in India sexual assaults and rape is a huge issue and therefore, the students have used technology to create a safety system. The sandal is equipped with a panic button which can be triggered with a mild press during the time of need. With the press of that button, the sandal will generate a shock system which she can use to hit her assaulter,he added.

Further, the system is designed in such a manner that sandal will be connected with the drone and nearby police station which will send the location of the girl to her family and police with a message. “Once a distress signal is sent, a drone will fly towards the user using the GPS, it will sound an alarm so people who are nearby can come forward to help. The drone will also record video that will help police in their investigation later on.

The professor who guided the students to complete this project said that the new technology is likely to be converted into a product for the market.

In a society that believes a girl (read victim) is more responsible for rape than the rapist, this novel defense system can prove to be life-changing for them.