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Recently, the first edition of a Paris-based French Curiosity Club (FCC) was held in a Mumbai’s Bandra restaurant. It aims to bring curiosity and women together to inspire more women. This project is the brainchild of Margaux Hammer, and this all-women club is dominated by meaningful conversations, encouraging words. And no, they have nothing against men!

FCC Margaux Hammer

Margaux Hammer

A woman with an interesting story takes center-stage, unfolding a life of inspiration to those present there. This is where the group steps in and acts as a facilitator to forge new bonds with other women — they may be from different walks of life, but are united by similar goals.

When we search for speakers, we emphasize on their personality and on authenticity,” says Hammer, “It might be someone we heard about from our community or someone we saw in the newspapers and then connected with them through social media. There isn’t just one way to make our choice, but the watchword for every FCC team in the world is: Be daring.

In the presence of 81 participants, stuntwoman Geeta Tandon (32) flagged this particular edition. Before delivering the talk she had also taken English speaking classes. Overcoming the loss of her mother and abusive marriage, she took her chances in the industry to become a stuntwoman.

While talking to Business Times, she said, “Mujhe inki wajah se English bolne ka chance mila and I’m very happy with the experience. I would always imagine speaking to a large crowd in English aur aaj woh sapna poora hua hai. Ek hi life hai… enjoy karo! Be your own support. Aaj tak main jaisa support chahti thi woh nahi mila. So, we need to trust ourselves and go with the flow.

Geeta Tandon @ FCC, Mumbai

Geeta Tandon @ FCC, Mumbai (source)

Apart from that, Miss India World 2011 Kanishtha Dhankhar was also present at the event and said, “Geeta’s story was super-inspiring. From her talk, I gather that it’s important to keep jumping over the well and not avoid conflicts in life. I’m happy to be here and celebrate womanhood.

Women from French community were also present in the crowd in large numbers. One such attendee, Laura Ayesha said “I am here to explore newer avenues and meet interesting women as I am planning to get back to work. I want to network and figure out something new for myself.

One of the organizing members of FCC Mumbai, Johanna Alva said that the initiative is a space for anyone who is curious enough to take the leap. Through this, women from all strata of the society can come forward and speak for themselves and feel free to share anything.

The next session is likely to be held in September and might include some men too.