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It is only by challenging ourselves to do more, we can get closer to our best self. Gillette’s powerful new ad campaign inspired by the #MeToo movement is targeted at men and says something that women have been trying to say for ages to the opposite gender- Change your behavior.

Within a week, this 1-minute 49-sec ad from the Giant razor-making brand has received 18 million views and focuses on the issues of toxic masculinity and that there is no going back when it comes to change ourselves to become a better person.

Watch the video here-

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Gillette brand director, Pankaj Bhalla said, “This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we feel compelled to both address it and take action of our own.”

He continues, “We are taking a realistic look at what’s happening today, and aiming to inspire change by acknowledging that the old saying ‘boys will be boys’ is not an excuse. We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and hope all the men we serve will come along on that journey to find our ‘best’ together.”

For the last 30 years, this toiletry brand has used this tagline- “The Best A Man Can Get,” but words change meaning all the time and this time by this, what the makers mean is the best behavior towards their fellow human beings.  

The ad shows to be empathetic and compassionate about the opposite gender and treat them as equals. This means not only asking other men and the next generation to refrain from bullying, harassing, and mistreating women, but also from bullying each other or engage in other acts of toxic masculinity.

The ad concludes with this thought-stirring line – “The Boys Watching Today Will be The Men of Tomorrow”

While there are a lot of conversations going around after the ad was released. While some disagree, but there are many who find it to be inspiring and engaging enough to bring a positive shift in society. Witty people have also come up with memes using the dialogues and tagline from the add. Here’s what netizens are saying-