Let’s agree on something first: being stressed out and highly anxious before your wedding is perfectly normal.

It does not mean you’re having doubts, it’s not cold feet, and it doesn’t mean you’re not in love with the person you’re about to marry.

First, all it means is that you are assigning a lot of importance to this day and want it to go well. Secondly, you are leaving your comfort zone and doing something for the very first time, and are excited to start something new and unknown.

With all that, stress and anxiety are a given. And here’s how you can overcome it:

Talk to your fiancé

Don’t forget: there are two of you in this, and you are about to commit to a life together. You need to be able to voice your concerns at this stage, no matter what they are.

It could be anything surrounding specific wedding details, or you might find yourself thinking too much about life after the wedding. If you have not yet discussed the point, now is the time to do so.

Mind the moment you choose to have this conversation, though: remember that your fiancé is also stressed out, so don’t add oil to the fire when they’re not in a particularly good mood. But don’t put things off and sweep issues under the rug either – it’s not the best foundation to build a marriage on.

Plan ahead and plan well

The main challenge of weddings is the organization, and if you get that done well, your overall stress levels will reduce significantly.

When it comes to getting everything done on time and done right, take a leaf out of someone else’s book, rather than trying to think of everything yourself.

Talk to friends who have recently been married about the things they wish they had done on time, soak up all the organization tips you can, and put them to good use.

There are also plenty of wedding blogs you can reach for and learn from.

Try to get things done in bulk as well. For example, if you’ve booked a wedding at a highly coveted venue like the Tribeca rooftop, try to snag the photographer at the same time. If you’re doing a winter wonderland wedding, book the venue with the décor. If you’re doing a destination wedding, do the flights and accommodation all in one go.

Take some time off

Your life may turn into full-time wedding planning as the day approaches, so it’s very important to take a day off each week and not talk about the wedding at all.

Whether you spend this day with your fiancé or family and friends, make sure wedding talk is banned, and focus on someone else’s life a bit.

You can also choose to spend this day alone and do the things you don’t seem to find the time for with all the wedding planning.

Bear in mind that not thinking about the wedding won’t come easily. You’ll still catch yourself counting guests and arranging flowers in your head. Don’t get mad at yourself when this happens – just refocus your thoughts on something else, and move on.

Meditate, try yoga, or exercise

One of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety is to exercise. You may think you don’t have time for it, but if you make it a priority, you’ll find the time. Once you blow off some steam and your mind is boosted by the endorphins exercise releases, you’ll find it much easier to get back into wedding planning mode.

Yoga is an excellent way to activate your body and relax your mind, but you can also run, do pilates, do a dance workout, or even go to the gym. Since you’re probably already working on looking your best for the wedding day, all of these activities can only help you get there.

You should also try to add a meditation routine to your mornings or evenings. While it may take you some time to get used to it, it will help you cope with the stress and anxiety much better in the long run.

Finally, remember that despite the stress and anxiety, you’re going through an amazing time of your life. If you choose to look at it that way, instead of focusing on the negative and the stressful, you will instantly feel much better. And you’ll be better prepared to tackle any wedding planning conundrum that comes your way.