Even though Kerala floods have been categorized as a catastrophe, yet these stories of kindness and compassion have become a source of hope for people, to stand up and fight and pull themselves out of the difficult situations.

Such is the story of a Kerala temple at Eravathur near Mala, where people from Muslim community performed Eid prayers on Wednesday, as the nearby Mosque was submerged in water.

Due to the Kerala floods, most districts are water-logged and life has come to a standstill. On Eid, the authorities of the Purappullikkavu Rathneswari Temple, which is run by SNDP Yogam came forward to help the community happily and offered the hall attached to the temple for prayer session on Eid. About 200 Muslims gathered at this temple to offer prayers.

While talking to TOI, the president of the Masjid Mahallu committee, P A Khalid said, “We were hoping that the water will recede by Wednesday and we will be able to offer the Eid prayers at the Masjid itself. However, two days back itself we realized that this may not be possible. When we discussed the issue with the temple office-bearers, they immediately offered their hall for the prayers.’’

Adding to this, the president of SNDP Union Mala, P K Sabu said, offering the hall for Eid prayers is an expression of the secular lineage of this land. Other facilities like water for cleaning for the devotees who had come for offering prayers were also arranged.

The mosques in the district had minimalized the Eid festivities keeping in mind the sufferings of flood victims in Kerala, and to people as a whole.

Jijiikumar, who is a Dubai-based NRI and an SNDP Union activist and has played a significant role in organizing the prayer sessions On Eid in the temple hall, said, “The catastrophic flood had united us transcending all the boundaries of caste, religion, and politics. The offering of Eid prayers at the temple hall reinforced this realization of human unity given by the flood.

Only such acts of love and compassion make India incredible as it exceeds all boundaries of class, caste, religion, and politics.

May we remain united this way during and beyond this adversity in Kerala. Incredible India!