An IT Professional in her thirties, Marshneil Sinha, was going through bad health conditions for the last five years due to a life-threatening kidney condition. The worst part is she was not able to find a donor for the transplant.

However, Marshneil finally found an angel in her senior colleague. Diti Lahiri, a 40-year-old senior colleague decided to help her and bring her out of this difficult situation by donating her kidney.

kidney donation Marshneil Sinha and Diti Lahiri

Marshneil Sinha (L) and Diti Lahiri (R) (Source)

Urologist Shibaji Basu after evaluating Sinha’s reports, which were sent by Lahiri, told her that she needed an immediate transplant. While talking to TOI, Diti said, “I made up my mind to donate one of my kidneys because my mother has been living a healthy life on one kidney for years now. She is more active than most of us. I am single and that perhaps made it easier for me. My parents were surprised initially, but finally got around to support me…

According to the TOI report, Diti and her mother Monideepa, who is a retired teacher of Jewish Girls School had to go through a nine-month-log administrative process involving affidavits at Alipore police court and depose before first class magistrates that Lahiri is doing it out of sheer will and no monetary transaction is involved in the process.

Further, Lahiri had to also go through video interviews with her mother at Swasthya Bhaban and numerous detailed medical examinations. There is more. Sinha had to undergo a similar process in Jharkhand as well before the final nod. Finally, a no-objection certificate was handed over to Diti.

Pan India, Bengal is the only state that allows people outside families to donate a kidney, but not before the state has verified the intent of the donor.

On September 3, the surgery was finally done at Fortis in Kolkata. While Basu operated on Lahiri, Utpal Sengupta performed the surgery for Marshneil. Both are recovering well and will be released soon from the hospital.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery and good health ahead.