In the backdrop of recent Pulwama Attack, a heinous and cowardly attack on CRPF personnel in the Kashmir Valley, which led to the loss of 42 Martyrs and leaving behind 42 families mourning. Rest in peace the Braves who made the supreme sacrifice.

यहां गुलाब देकर लोग मुहब्बत जताते रहे,
वहां चुपचाप जान देकर वो कर्जदार कर गये!

All that a soldier asks for is a fair chance to fight.

Request you all to kindly refrain from posting material/photos of our fallen soldiers in terrorist attacks as is being done today. Aren’t we giving undue publicity as our paid media gives to our enemies by posting photos that even show body parts of our martyrs lying splattered on the road? We are also giving them a free post-strike assessment, besides showing how the attack has affected our minds.

There are many ways of showing our patriotism, grief or solidarity. This isn’t one. Imagine if it was the body/part of the body of your immediate family member. Our soldiers are our family. Some are even sharing the video of the fidayeen bomber, still not clear who was the one who actually did this. Let the people on the ground decide what to do and how to do.