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Microsoft is making tremendous efforts to meet the growing needs of the Information Technology industry. Technology keeps changing gradually because business requirements are dynamic. In order to ensure the adoption and implementation of new technologies, Microsoft validates the professional’s knowledge and skills in various aspects of Information Technology by offering industry-standard certifications.

Some of the most popular Microsoft credentials are listed below:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate
  • MCSA: BI Reporting
  • MCSA: Dynamics 365
  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Microsoft certifications are awarded to IT professionals who have passed the required tests. In addition, some credentials have mandatory requirements which candidates must meet. Let’s dive into the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure credential. To get certified, candidates must possess one of the following MCSA credentials:

  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2016

Besides, candidates must showcase their ultimate understanding of Cloud platform and infrastructure by passing at least one of the available exams (the list of offered tests can be found at the Microsoft official website). You should choose an exam that focuses on your area of expertise. A good example is Microsoft 70-744 test.

Microsoft 70-744 exam description

Exam 70-744 focuses on securing Windows Server 2016 environments. It covers the technologies and techniques necessary to harden and secure virtual machine infrastructure using Guarded Fabric and encryption-supported virtual machines. Skills measured in 70-744 include:

  • Implementing Server Hardening Solutions
  • Virtualization Infrastructure Security
  • Network Infrastructure Security
  • Managing Privileged Identity
  • Implementing Threat Detection Solutions
  • Implementing Workload-Specific Security

Some of the topics might have more weight in the exam than the others. Individuals intending to pass the test should be conversant with every concept highlighted in Microsoft 70-744 exam objectives. The test has the following key characteristics:

  • It consists of 40-60 questions
  • The exam can contain multiple-choice, case studies, hot area, and other types of questions
  • Candidates will have 150 minutes to answer questions
  • The exam fee is $165

Microsoft 70-744 exam is structured to advance your skills in securing Windows Server 2016. It proves that you are equipped with profound knowledge to deliver security solutions that are reliable and affordable. In order to pass the Microsoft 70-744 exam and get the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure credential, you must prepare well because the test covers quite a broad range of complex technological concepts. This is how to prepare for 70-744 exam. Make sure you implement every step!

1. Analyze exam objectives

Objectives of 70-744 exam are the perfect tool for you to identify the key concepts that you are expected to understand. If you have studied all the topics of70-744 exam, it means that you are ready to pass your test.

2. Prepare all the necessary tools

70-744 exam focuses on Windows Server 2016, which requires the candidates to set their own labs where the virtual configuration and administration can be implemented. The best step to take is to download the necessary tools and start your lab training way before your exam date. To speed up the training process, you are recommended to download 70-744 instructor-led video course from the PrepAway website and carefully watch the lectures. Thus, you will be able to repeat every step of the lab exercises after your instructor.

PrepAway Practice Tests

3. Study in a calm environment

The environment in which you are studying always matters because you need to concentrate in order to understand the required Windows Server 2016 concepts. Let us consider an example where you are studying in the sitting room where your family members or friends are watching TV. We all have that favorite advert or song that distracts us whenever it is aired. Trust us, distractions are the last thing you need when preparing for IT exams. Don’t lose focus – choose a quiet room or café.

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4. Think positively

There is power in positive thinking. Some goals are hard to achieve because we do not always believe in ourselves. It is important to have a positive attitude during the test because confidence makes the exam phobia fade away. If you are confident in your abilities and knowledge, it will be much easier for you to remember the correct answer.

5. Don’t forget about exam dumps

Even if you think that you are totally ready for your exam, you may still need to assess your level of knowledge. That’s where exam dumps come in handy. Take a few practice tests (a few of dozens if you have time). This will help you identify your weaknesses and see whether you grasped the concepts correctly. Reliable exam dumps can be found at the PrepAway website.

Career prospects

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud architect
  • Information security analyst
  • Computer support specialist
  • Cloud administrator

According to, MCSE certified professionals can earn an average annual salary of $97,000.

In a nutshell

Microsoft certifications are designed to provide IT professionals with the necessary skills needed in the IT market. If you want to build a career in this industry, then you need to focus on validating your skills and obtaining an appropriate Microsoft certification. Earn the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure credential to become one of the most sought-after specialists in the world!