It’s unreal to think that June- a month where most of us just do not wish to be troubled given the intense heat out there- can motivate some to undertake an extremely challenging journey

So when earnest youngster Rajeshwari Singh from Gujarat, decided to walk down all the way to the national capital, it was evident that everyone was surprised. Why would a 32-year-old decide to walk down herself all the way from the Western edge of the country to the capital in searing heat, worried everyone?

But as much astonishment does Rajeshwari’s effort bring, it also poses a lot of questions about the sheer ignorance we extend to the world around us.

On the eve of the World Environment Day, June 5, 2018, Rajeshwari Singh was driven by a singular agenda. She wanted to walk down a massive distance all the way to the capital to spread a clear, simple message; that of avoiding plastics.

Staying plastic-free was the message of this earnest, bright 32-year-old woman.

And lest it is said, it’s an effort that’s truly inspiring and places the current perspective on a heated trouble of our times: plastic pollution.

Just what exactly are we doing to control the menace? In fact, are we even aware of just how deep does this metaphorical river run? Statistics on plastic pollution suggest that since the 1950s, as much as 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced. While a lot of it is openly dumped into oceanic bodies, around 80 percent of ocean pollution is caused on account of land-based sources of debris.

Not scary enough?

Just a few hours ago, a news that quietly rattled the world stated that a male pilot whale had died in the waters of Thailand, nearing the border of Malaysia, having consumed nearly 80 packets of plastic bags dumped in the ocean. Who will take the blame for this?

Rajeshwari Singh is on her way to Delhi

Rajeshwari Singh on her way to Delhi

Each day, nearly every day of the year, there’s some news in some part of the world about the great ecological imbalance of our times. What is the world doing about this ‘sea of troubles’? Plastic social media messages, salubrious usage of words, irrational social media messages that fail to drive the point- where does the plasticity about the issue stop?

Having started her journey from Vadodara, Rajeshwari would end up walking for 45 straight days where she’d meet several villages and towns in order to share her message; inspiring people about stop using plastic. In her bid to encourage the others to Beat Plastic Pollution, Rajeshwari Singh, made her way to Rajasthan and Haryana, to speak to villagers and others about the adverse impacts of this great evil of our times.

Speaking of her goal, Rajeshwari Singh shared that her efforts are directed toward making people more conscious about the quantum of single-use plastic being used in homes.

Perhaps, India needs more such heroes and above all, people to self-drive such vitally important initiatives to generate mass awareness.