For the first time, Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has decided to appreciate the hard work of these ‘safai’ workers as they help to keep the city clean. There are about 2,300 sanitation workers with the RMC. To encourage their contribution, the civic body has put up full-size picture and profiles of those sanitation workers who are going an extra mile to ensure their city is clean.


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Umesh Vaghela is one such person and recently his family gathered at Trikon Baug crossroads and were filled with pride to see Umesh’s face on a giant LED screen where the photograph was continuously rolling. The message on the screen screamed that he was chosen as the ‘Best Safai Worker’ of the city.

To choose the best safai worker every month, RMC has formed a committee each for 18 wards. Being appreciated publicly is a huge boost for these people who often go unnoticed in the crowd. The photographs of these sanitation workers are displayed with their profiles across 18 LED screens at several major crossroads and main roads like Yagnik Road, Kalavad Road, 150 Feet Ring Road.

In an interview with TOI, Vaghela, who was chosen the best one for November, said, “I am surprised and happy to see my work being appreciated publicly for the first time. My family feels very proud of me.”

image: TOI

People should know who is keeping their city clean, says, Municipal commissioner Banchha Nidhi Pani. “We see safai workers as professionals and this is an attempt to appreciate their good work. Despite working hard, few workers don’t receive any kind of appreciation and therefore it is essential to appreciate their work,” he added.

“Public appreciation is a big encouragement for these workers. We will select 216 best workers in the whole year and publicly honor them,” said Environment engineer Nilesh Parmar.