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In a country where movie stars are worshipped like Gods and people go to temples to pray for their well-being, India’s obsession with movies is not unheard of!

On dividing the nation’s movie buffs into two sections we will find- one section is privileged enough to go to multiplexes and enjoy their favorite movies with a bucket of popcorn, while on the other section of India is media dark completely.

Even though a majority of the population belongs to rural India, their love for movies knows no bound. But, how can they get their daily dose of entertainment?

In a remarkable move by Satish Kaushik, villagers soon will be able to watch their favorite movies ranging between Rs 35 – Rs 75. This will be a refuge for villagers who struggle every day to meet their daily needs. Mr.Kaushik is about to launch Mobile Digital Movie Theatre (MDMT) where trucks will be converted to theatres and they will move across villages to bring entertainment to villagers. These theatres are air-conditioned, fire-proof, and weather-proof. 

Each MDMT will have a 22-foot screen with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. It will be air-conditioned and will seat around 200 people. The hall will only have one category of tickets making cinema affordable.

The audio-visual medium creates maximum impact on human minds and in India and recently, Bollywood has come up with so many films that deliver a social message and can help bring a positive shift in the society. Films like – Dangal, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Padman are few films that rural India can actually relate to.

According to the Mid-day report, to make it more quirky, each truck will be named after popular movies like – Mr.India, Baahubali, Shahanshah, Don etc. and will hit the road in a few days. The Government is not funding the project but supporting the initiative by ensuring that the team can seamlessly procure permissions, including for the use of land and deployment of fire and police officials. On May 10, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the project.