Going on vacations when your dog is living with you seems like an impossible task. Apart from planning ahead and considering a good daycare for it, you’ll also have to take into account potential health problems that might be triggered by your journey.

And, since dogs are such warm and loving creatures, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they lose appetite and even become depressed while you’re out there sunbathing without a care in the world. So, if you ever decide to take your dog companion with you on vacation, here are some breathtaking spots that you should consider.

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Banff National Park in Canada

Prepare your pup’s passport and documents because you’re going abroad! For those who live near the Canadian border, Banff National Park is a great choice. The country’s oldest national park counts for nearly 2,600 square miles of ice fields, forests, and glaciers for you and your pooch to discover.

Just make sure to pack some warm clothes and enough food to last you a couple of days. On drfoxmag.com you will find a wide array of foods specifically created to meet the nutritional requirements of your dog, no matter how sensitive or picky about its food it is.

Lake Tahoe, USA

The largest alpine lake in entire North America, Lake Tahoe is a destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It offers mesmerizing views and amazing landscapes whether you decide to go in the summer or in the winter.

Moreover, there are thousands of ways to spend your time outside, from rafting and kayaking to fishing, exploring the surroundings or simply enjoying the sunny weather alongside your doggo.

Austin, Texas

Who said that you have to escape into the wild to enjoy some quality time with your pet? The West Austin Dog Park is one of the friendliest places in the country for pups and their human companions so you should definitely give it a try.

Some other dog-friendly destinations in the city include the Bud Isle peninsula where you and your pooch can go for a swim or play, while the Groovy Dog Bakery will deliver delicious snacks and treats for your pet to get its energy back after a whole day spent outdoors.

Key West, Florida

This popular tourist destination can also be a welcoming place for you and your doggo. Apart from being packed with people all year round, Key West features a dog beach specifically designed for the comfort of your pooch, where you can have fun the entire day. Your pet will be able to run freely, enjoy the sand, water, and waves, while you get to chill and take a nice sunbath.

You can even rent a boat from the Lazy Dog Kayak and check out the beautiful surroundings. Later, you can check the delicious seafood from one of the local bistros or restaurants located near the beach and finish the day with a cocktail while you let your pet rest.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This sunny destination represents a great choice for those traveling with their dogs because it offers many ways to spend their spare time. It counts for more than ten designated dog parks, so there are plenty of activities you can engage in alongside your furry friend.

Out of all the parks, the North Domingo Baca Dog Park is perfect for those who want to bring all their pets, including the small ones. There are designated playgrounds for animals of all sizes, as well as many shady spots to hide from the heat of the sun during the summertime.