It is those small sweet things we do for our partners that matters the most. While netizens are arguing about what is right and what is wrong, this viral video is sure to win your heart. 

The 29-year-old Kendall Caver from Atlanta, Georgia used his creative talent to encourage his wife when she was in labor a few weeks back by using what? Flashcards. 

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His wife was going through two-day-long labor and therefore, this man-made a scrapbook filled with their memories to comfort and motivate his wife. The viral clip which is 3.37 minutes long has been already viewed more than 2,519,300 times, liked by 30,000 Facebook users, and has 6.4k comments. 

The caption that read, Encouraging my Wife through 2 days of labor. Last night my Warrior Wife gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl!In the video, Caver is seen holding a book that has “breathe” written on its first page and he is showing this to his wife Jasmine, who is lying on the bed before him. This book has all good and tough times the couple has faced together.

One user even wrote-Creative encouragement with love works! Congratulations.”

Watch the heart-warming video here-