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The advancements in science and technology have shown us clearly the possibilities of infertility to occur and how we can actually prevent it. Infertility can happen to anyone. It doesn’t choose anyone in specific. It is highly subjective to the person and the extent to which he or she is infertile also depends on the person.

causes of infertility

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There are few people for whom a certain change in lifestyle can reverse and improve his or her fertility health. Just like any other health issue, fertility is also related to the way you live along with your eating and sleeping habits. People have started to worry about how fertility is affecting their marriage life and this has created some real awareness among people on infertility.

There are a good number of fertility hospitals coming up in the country. India is an innovator when it comes to health treatment and so is for fertility treatment. This highly complex fertility treatment is done through artificial insemination technologies like IVF, IUI, ICSI and so on are offered by most of the best IVF centers in Pune and other cities as well. The treatment is also subjective and hence a very customized treatment is possible.

Some of the lifestyle issues which causes infertility:

1. Food

Since the evolution of consumerism and liberalization in 1991, India has seen a dramatic improvement in terms of consumption. The per consumption is so high that the country is 2nd in the world. People have started to change the kind of food they consumed. This slowly led to a problem called obesity. From children to adults everyone was affected by this.

Obesity, in turn, led to a lot of premature illness like heart disease at a young age and even cancer. Fertility health is also one which is getting affected because of obesity. Tests have shown that the risk of being infertile is high with obese people and in men, being obese is said to affect the quality of sperms produced.

2. Addiction

Drinking and smoking can be included in the above point but it is not evolved like consumption. But the frequency of drinking and smoking has increased now. There are many reasons for this. Some of the top reasons are increased work pressure, being less social, addiction and peer pressure. These reasons, drive people to do things more than what is permissible and this leads to harmful side effects. Alcohol is found to kill the sperms and smoking is found to reduce the sperm quality. The risk of being infertile because of this is higher than any other.

3. Driving

Driving for long distance can be fun but it also comes with an associated cost. Long hours of driving bike and car are found to heat the testicular region in men. Heat is an enemy of sperms and because of this heating, they die. Prolonged effect of this will cause testicular defects and hence will lead to depletion of sperms or in adverse cases can lead to azoospermia, a condition in which there are zero sperms in the semen.

The above are some of the things you need to be aware of while you are in the peak of your reproductive health and planning for a baby. If you feel it is taking a long time for conception than it should take, then you should ideally visit the best Infertility treatment centers in Gurgaon or any other city you belong to and get yourself treated.