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In this 21st century where women are considered the independent creatures in the world. Where women have learned eventually how to stand for themselves, how to raise their voices for their basic rights and how to stand equal to men.

This is a revolutionary period for the women race around the world. The word Feminism itself has conquered the world at different times, making women around the world united and men realizing that they are no less.

Women Travel Diaries

Women are now confident and bold enough to do all those things that are once considered to be done with the support of a man. They are entrepreneurs, single parent, drivers and the tourist too. Yes, this is how the game is changed.

Women are now traveling around the world is single, without any male accompanying her. This is also because of the easiness the technology has provided that it is no more a hectic process to book a flight or a hotel in some other country.

They are not hesitant to anything and most of them have a common wish to travel alone once before getting hitched.

Tips for Travelling Women:

According to a travel report, almost 32 million women of America go for a travel alone each year. This is how the tourism industry is a strike by women of this era.

If you are planning to be a traveling woman and doing it all alone so here are some amazing tips for all the women to travel anywhere around the globe.

  • Be Prepared: Travelling is not easy if you are doing it alone, so be prepared for everything. You can have a first aid kit with you, also you can have some medical transport membership which will help you in need wherever you go. In this way, nothing could limit you from having an amazing traveling experience. 
  • Keep a Diary: Diary can be a women best friend, and if you are traveling alone it could mean everything to you. You can record all the little details of your tour in that diary, stick pictures of beautiful places you visited and make it a memorable travel diary of yours. 
  • Socialize: This could be the best thing about your tour. Talk to the people of different countries, learn their culture and languages, enjoy their food and fall in love with them. You can make a few new friends too which could last forever. 
  • Smile: Now as you travel through villages and mountains, you will find people passing smiles to you. It is not necessary that you are familiar with their language so it would be a great gesture to pass a smile to every person you see. 
  • Shopping: This is not something women should be told of, they are already good at doing it. Don’t overspend but try to get anything special about each country you visited. When you will be back you can have a proper shelf of the things collected from different parts of the world.

Where to Go?

Many women have recommended different places that are a must go if you are traveling solely. These are the beautiful places in the world and have the amazing people there.

1. Vagabond Temple, Cambodia:

Recommended by Erica Virvo, a budget traveler for 10 years said that find this place perfect to have a yoga or meditation. It’s not a place to pass by, you will end up staying here for too long and enjoy the peace there.

2. Morocco:

Recommended by Nikki Misurelli who is the motorcycle rider, said that Morocco is a great place to travel as people there are very friendly and helping. You would love them.

3. Sayulita, Mexico:

As suggested by Nneya Richards, a travel blogger. Sayulita is a small town with beautiful local people. The beach there is relaxing and it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

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