Statistics and Shawn Mendes, reports and Ryan Gosling says that if you are a human on planet Earth, there’s a -1.38% in a trillion chance that you haven’t stumbled upon these hackneyed phrases we mentioned above.

But despite all this hype about how it is the worst thing ever, we still don’t quit plastic. Be it mindlessly slipping (you see what we did here? We can’t quit puns) a plastic straw in our drinks or asking the shopkeeper one, for carrying stuff, plastic is a staple.

say no to plastic

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Now for the shocking facts, dig in!

  1. If you are a shopper, you love soda or packaged food, you are responsible for some of the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in the ocean.
  2. A million in one! You, your crush, your friends, family, the blogger you love, the celebrity you follow, the ex you hate, everyone is responsible for littering the globe with a million bags, EVERY MINUTE.
  3. If you join all of these bags end to end, they would circumnavigate the globe about 4200 times.
  1. About 1 million seabirds and approximately 1,00,000 marine creatures die from plastic entanglement and plastic consumption every year. With all these insane amounts of plastic waste scattered across our planet, we are sure even Dinosaurs would’ve died choking of plastic if they were still around.
  2. About two-thirds of the fish stock is suffering from plastic ingestion. That means for every 3 fish you consume, at least 2 of them have plastic in them. That’s practically eating fish with a side serving of some stale plastic covered in the bile juices of a fish. Ewwww! Gross.
  3. It can take anything between 30-1000 years for a plastic to break up into smaller pieces. Unlike your breakup!
  4. 6.4 million tonnes of garbage is dumped in the ocean every year. That is like 3,200 kilometers of trucks loaded with garbage going straight into the ocean.
  5. Plastic waste exacerbated the Bangladesh floods in 1988 and 1998 by clogging the drains. Put it this way, your bathroom getting flooded because your shower cap clogged the drains.
  6. Plastics are the number one man-made things that sailors see in the ocean.
  7. If you don’t quit plastic, you will soon be sleeping, eating and breathing plastic.

We hope you reduce your plastic consumption or at least think before casually buying bottled water or asking your vendor for a single-use plastic bag.

Embrace plastic freeways with Eco-Right. Eco-right is a startup that ethically manufactures eco-friendly bags made of organic fabrics. Our mission is to reduce the consumption of plastic by providing natural alternatives to people.

Dump single-use plastic bags and make it a habit to carry biodegradable bags made of cotton and jute along for shopping and storage. Let’s save our planet, one bag at a time.