Life in Mumbai is unpredictably beautiful. Land your dream job and live your independent life happily.

So was my IT job! Lots of work, lots to learn and lots to earn, honestly! Still, there was always a feeling which kept missing in my life. And in the shadow of the happy life created in Mumbai; I overlooked the missing element.

Every night while falling asleep I had butterflies in my stomach, revisiting the next day schedule and the never-ending deadlines.

How to make money from writing and make a living

Very often I had arguments with my conscience. Had lots of doubts and questions in my head which hardly gave me a night of peaceful sleep. While asking these questions the real mystery was exposed, I knew what was missing- the sense of satisfaction– which one gets on attempting to do a job one likes.

And then writing happened!!

I want to be a writer. How do I start?

In college, I had the chance to work as a blogger for a fashion start-up briefly. However, the interest got fuelled by the sheer love for writing stories and anything positive!

Last year, when the thought of changing my career path crossed my mind, I immediately knew, it wasn’t going to be a bed of roses. The amount of chaos this decision will bring was incalculable. I could foresee shocked friends, worried parents, and relatives who could hardly understand the decision but most importantly money flying out of the window.

But to my surprise, I had the unanticipated backing of a couple of close friends and my parents. Their voices kept resounding in my mind- “You can do it.” And soon, I leaped into the world of writing.

In case any of you are still speculative about your career change, stop thinking and take the plunge!

Is writing a hobby or a source of income?

It is a widespread belief- anyone and everyone can write. Well, yes. Why not? With considerable knowledge of a language and decent access to information, anyone can be a writer.

Well, the real question is, how many of us can scribble 1000-2000 words a day without using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (which most of us are brilliant at)? How many of us can invest uncountable hours and days into research? Will creativity surface even after a sleepless night? Will writing be the same after a bad day or bad news? I believe only writers can make that happen.

Feeling of satisfaction after writing articles is not everyone’s cup of tea! If writing exhausts you beyond 300-500 words, it is a wise idea to pursue writing as a hobby. If writing gives happiness and motivates you to get up every day to scribble on your keyboard, then there is a sea of opportunities waiting for you.

As far as, the source of income is concerned, Freelance market is booming, and it’s raining money everywhere. In content writing, success largely depends on your passion! How much are you willing to work, to earn the sort of pay you desire or deserve. And your efforts and writing skills will not just bless you with money but take you places.

What keeps me going every day?

Content writing, as it sounds, is purely for the creative souls and passionate writers. But there is a small part about writing which most onlookers ignore – Monotony. Believe it or not, all writers face boredom at one point or another.

I experienced monotony a lot in the last few months yet, every morning I get the urge to get out of my bed and reach my office, yes, an office I love going every day!

Here are the reasons why content writing is exciting:

  • Every article you pick up is unique and challenging.
  • None of the articles sound the same. Why? Because I try to add that extra spice wherever possible!
  • Every day in content writing promises new Learnings.
  • Honestly, there is no stress in writing an article. Even the deadlines are not dreadful anymore if you love writing.
  • As a content writer, you not only write articles, but you may also land yourself on product reviews, app marketing, social media content, etc. Work boundaries do not bind a content writer.

Well, these were the only reasons I got to experience so far.

How other writers inspired me 

Here are the basic rules to follow to stand as a successful content writer:

  • The flexibility of working from anywhere. Location is seriously the last concern!
  • Lots and lots of opportunities, only if you keep the doors open to new chances. There are plenty of jobs that require creative writing.
  • Freelance writing is the answer to earn and live well. (Yes, I was very concerned about making money and here was my answer)
  • Writing is a slow and steady process which only gets better with practice.
  • If you love traveling and love spending time with your family like me, then work from home jobs are available in abundance. All you need is an operational laptop, good internet connection and a mind buzzing with creativity.
  • Content writing offers you ample of time for other interests; often you can write better because of the interest areas.

Content writing is a demanding skillset across the globe, and people adore good authors. You can make money writing articles, but it isn’t an easy road.

What are my fears and how I am overcoming them?

Like any job profile, writing has its pros and cons, but as they say, “where there is a will there is a way.” Same way I jotted down all the points that scared me from the career switch and I found a feasible solution;

  1. How will the world react?

The world only comprised of my parents, close friends, and loved ones and the good news was – l got appreciated and received more encouragement from them. Who bothers what others feel!

  1. How will money flow in?

I am fortunate for having no liability on my head. I had the leisure to experiment, make mistakes and pick myself again. And, that’s what I do every single day!

  1. Can I be a successful content writer? (my biggest fear of all)

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. But one thing I have learned in life, hard work and strong will power always pay. Practicing the language patiently and the art of writing is my armament to success.

And as someone has truly quoted, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!

Good writing comes with a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know reading and writing daily is the key to success but taking good care of your health is equally essential. Why? Good mental and physical health ensures the flow of creativity. Also, my observation says you can write better the days you exercise well.

So, here are the top three habits I recommend all the budding writers:

  1. Sleep well;
  2. Exercise regularly;
  3. And, eat a healthy diet!

Also, start meditating regularly, which will eventually play a significant role in your mental well-being.

Life is unpredictable and full of surprises. Hurray!

One thing we all can agree to- life is full of surprises!

One day you may be writing articles, tomorrow your hands might be crafting a best seller novel. Life comes with no guarantees and promises. Live life as it comes. However, one thing life never stops any of us from- Working Hard!

Work as hard as you want, and as far as you can, the results may not show now, but there is a bigger plan behind all the chaos and worries that you experience today.

I hope my journey inspires many more writers. Keep Writing; keep scribbling! Because every cloud has a silver lining…