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While Christmas is knocking at our doors and we all like to be secret Santa to someone we love dearly, here are 10 incredible funky looking useful products that will help you save time when you will be struggling with numerous websites to find the perfect gift for your family, friends, and colleagues.

All priced under Rs.500, these will surely not burn a hole in your pocket and you will have enough money saved to buy yourself delicious treats this season.

(PS: You can thank us later!)

1. Camera Lens-shaped Coffee Mug


If you have a photographer friend, nothing can make him/her more happy than sipping tea/coffee from this mug every morning. This ergonomically designed funky product is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get it here for Rs.285 only.

2. Jewelry Organiser

There is hardly any woman who doesn’t love jewelry and if you help her organize them, chances are she will love you more. It cool looking product doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and is perfect when it comes to gifting.

Get it here for Rs.239 only.

3. Spider-Mobile Holder

Twist this fun looking mobile holder to different shapes and it will still hold your phone perfectly. This portable gadget will be a nice surprise for friends who are gadget lovers.

Get it here for Rs.175 only. 

4. Hammer Pen Set

If you have a younger sibling or cute little monsters (read children), this will add an element of surprise in their lives. Not only kids, but even adults are also fond of stationeries, and with this in your hand, writing woes will take a step back!

Get it here for Rs.499 only.

5. Help Me Bookmark

If your friend or colleague is a bookworm, this one will be an ideal gift. Light in weight and easy to carry. It will fit in your pockets. Comes handy when you are reading books while traveling.

Get it here for Rs.145 only.

6. USB Astro Light

If you know a budding astronaut or explorer or is simply workaholic and spends most of their time in front of laptops, this quirky product will illuminate their darkened space. The little space suit themed USB is perfect when you are traveling at night.

Get it here for Rs.499 only.

7. Buddha Incense Holder

Urban lifestyle makes it difficult for most of us to relax. A good fragrance helps one to calm down and with this beautiful holder, it will add beauty to the décor of your friend’s living space. Ideal for a gift, because of the make and design, this one is cheap as well.

Get it here for Rs.175 only.

8. Engraving Pen Tool

Your creative friend will jump out of joy once you gift this cool engraving pen tool to them. They can showcase their creative talent on anything and everything they like. This will surely help them to create memories which will last for a lifetime.

Get it here for Rs.370 only.

9. Night Projection Alarm Clock

When it comes to gifting kids, this one can be an ideal product. The battery-powered device when switched on creates night sky with sky, moon, and stars. They can carry it wherever they go and it also shows temperature, which makes it cooler than any other alarm clock.

Get it here for Rs.347 only.

10. Love Jar

Nothing can be better than this love jar, which you can fil with personalized messages for your partner. An amazing way to show your affection towards them, this is an ideal gift for all occasions. The glass jar is filled with beautiful accessories and is extremely pretty to look at.

Get it here for Rs.149 only.

Now all you need is an interesting gift wrapper for this and nothing can stop you to become everyone’s favorite Santa this season.

Merry Christmas to all in advance!