We are all aware that Muzaffarnagar is a city that witnessed communal riots in the year 2013. This place where once violence and hatred were ruling hearts, it seems there is a change of hearts this year, as people are bending towards kindness, love, and peace in the area.

July 17 marks the beginning of the auspicious Hindu month of Sharavan. This month also sees holy Kanwar yatra, which is a yearly pilgrimage of the devotees of Lord Shiva, and are known as Kanwariyas.


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Therefore, along the pilgrimage route, several temporary camps are set up for the Kanwariyas in Purkazi town. But the best part is half of them is also set by the Muslims, who are serving food and medicine to these devotees.

Numerous banners from the social organizations like Paigham-e-Insaniyat, Khudai Khidmatgar, Paryatan, Secular Front, Samajik Welfare Society, and others, the people from Muslim communities have come forward to provide basic facilities to these pilgrims.

Further, the Purkazi Nagar panchayat chairman Zaheer Faruqi has also set up camp for the Kanwariyas, in this same town.

Also, Asad Faruqi of Paryatan, who has been serving the devotees for the past five days, said to TOI,Muzaffarnagar’s Muslims respect every religion and want to spread a message of love and peace.

Apart from this, the founder of Asif Rahi also told TOI that how he and his associate have been setting up Kanwar camps for two decades. This is not a new thing for them and after the 2013 riots, they feel that they have a greater responsibility to bring these communities together.

We are setting up camps for Kanwariyas for many years, where arrangements of food, medical assistance, and other things are made,” said Shadab Khan, chief of Awaz-E-Haq, while speaking to News18.

Our Muslim brothers also giving a foot massage to all the Kanwariyas who are exhausted on their long journey; after all, they are our brothers. I don’t care what people will think or say about it, we all are humans and humanity should be our priority,” he added.

No one is deprived of comfort and help in these camps and while talking to this national daily, Mohit Singh, a Kanwariya, said that previously like others, he too had a negative image of Muzaffarnagar, but said his thoughts were changed, when he received a medical treatment for his injured finger at the Khudai Khidmadgar camp.

It is no secret that no religion teaches hate; only love and compassion is true and basic human nature.