unique unisex indian baby names

10 Rare And Beautiful Unisex Indian Baby Names For The New Member In Your Family

Modern Indian parents like out of the box naming ideas rather than sticking with old-school traditional or conservative patterns. Discover some of the hand-picked and unique baby names that signify gender neutrality.

unique unisex indian baby names

Unique Gender-Neutral Names for Indian Babies

Suri सुरी

The unique baby name is used as the first name as well as a surname in India. The name refers to Lord Sun or God in Sanskrit. The name belongs to Hebrew origin where its meaning is a Princess. The name is the Yiddish equivalent of the name ‘Sarah’. The name gained its popularity after people came to know about the popular Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri Cruise. Suri was the name of Amir Khan’s character in Movie ‘Talash’.

Ridham रिधम

For the parents, who want their kid’s personality to be as smooth as a musical flow, this name can be a perfect fit. The Sanskrit origin name means Spring or Love. Ridham is often used for boys and girls.

Rit/Rut ऋत

The name is pronounced as ऋत and derived from the word Ritu which means season in Sanskrit. The name also denotes a divine truth. The name sounds to be a blend of beauty and divinity.

Sharin शारीन

A name with spiritual significance is always embraced by Indian parents. Sharin is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and used in the Mantra, ॐ शरण्यै नमः। The name indicates a personality who holds arrows.

Sarayu सरयू

An adorable name emitting positive and holy vibes. It’s the name of a popular and holy Indian river which is also mentioned in Vedas. The name also signifies air and wind.

Rumra रूम्रा/ रूम्र

Aesthetic and inner beauty is praised by everyone. Rumra is a rare Indian baby name which is associated with beauty or charm.

Arista अरिस्ता

The name has positive meanings in different origins. In Greek, it refers to a superior personality while in Sanskrit, the name means secure or safe. It’s a great unisex name choice for modern babies.

Anukta अनुक्ता

It is a rare name among the popular Indian names starting with ‘Anu’. It means an extraordinary personality or quality. The name also refers to something which is not said or expressed.

Ishya इष्या

Ishya is an Indian origin name and one of the most uncommon names starting with ‘Ish’. The name sounds similar to Isha which means the ruling Goddess but literally, it means the Spring season.

Sharya शार्य

An uncommon Indian baby name with spiritual significance. The name is used as an epithet for Goddess Saraswati and Durga. It denotes the armor of an elephant. The other meanings of the name include night, an arrow or someone powerful who holds the capability to hurt. It is used in the Mantra ॐ शार्यै नमः।

The new-age parents hold liberal thinking while choosing baby names. The popular name choices in the past few years show that multicultural names, gender-neutral names and other rare names are on the rise breaking the archaic stereotypes, overcoming sexism and leaving behind other aspects that had been limiting the name choices for years.

The Unisex baby names sound uncommon and stylish. It’s indeed a perplexing situation when you strongly like a name on the internet but it’s a female name and you are searching a great name for your little prince. The androgynous names can help you sift through this confusing situation as you can use these names for both the prince and princess of your lineage.

Sapna Vibhandik

Sapna Vibhandik

Sapna is a parenting blogger and an IT professional. She likes to help new Indian parents find suitable baby names and is an expert of Sanskrit baby names. Check here for her researched baby names list.

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