The world is an extremely large place. People of all different cultural, societal, and economic backgrounds have all found their fair share of beauty. One way to explore the many spectacular sights our planet has to offer is to go sailing!

Sailing is a time-honored way to explore new horizons. Though you may not compete at sailing competitively, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the salty breezes or the relaxing summer days that can accompany a sailing holiday. Plan your next vacation around hopping from one unbelievably gorgeous coastal view to the next as you sail around Europe.

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European coasts not only provide some of the most amazing cities, but also some of the most breath-taking views on this planet! There are innumerable reasons to travel, but trying to see life with a better perspective is definitely one of them! Here are five countries in Europe where you can not only find new perspectives, but you can take an amazing sailing holiday!


Sailing around the coast of Italy will leave you absolutely speechless to its natural charm and astounding beauty! Whether you want to bask in the warm sun of the Italian Riviera or listen to live bands in Tuscany, Italy has a little something for everyone!

Your sailing holiday wouldn’t be complete without visiting a picturesque Roman historical site, or having a genuine Italian meal served with a hearty Italian wine! Sailing Europe wouldn’t be complete without adventuring along the coast of Italy! Here are just some of the gorgeous locations you can reach from your chartered yacht:

  • Campania
  • Liguria
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily
  • Tuscany
  • Naples
  • Portofino
  • Venice

If you’d like to get your land legs back for a night or two, you can choose to stay in accommodations in one of these amazing hot spots! The best time of year to visit Italy by yacht is during the warm summer months! Plan ahead to book your yacht charter for deals during the busy season. Italy’s gorgeous coastal cities, amazing historical sites, and unbelievable food will have you falling in love with this glamorous and welcoming country!


One of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, Croatia provides jaw-dropping coastal views with glorious once in a lifetime experiences! There are more than 1,000 islands and islets that make up the beautiful coast of Croatia.

The warmth of the summer sun mixes perfectly with the cooling winds off of the Mediterranean Sea to create the perfect day to sail! There are plenty of options for where you can stop and rest during your holiday in Croatia. The five main regions each offer their own unique activities.

  • Istria and Kvarner
  • Zadar
  • Šibenik
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik

Whether you want to walk along the mainland coast or find one of the MANY islands, there are plenty of things to do and see in Croatia! The best time of year to sail through the waters around Croatia is between the months of April and October. Follow the sea to this beautiful country for your next sailing holiday.


Rich with history and absolutely stunning coastlines, Greece is an excellent location to spend your Sailing holiday in Europe. From small uninhabited islands to large, exciting destinations, Greece has a little something for everyone. Explore the history and bustle of Athens, then chart your way to the gorgeous Lefkas!

With all of the natural beauty around you in Greece, it can be easy to want to help the planet out a little while you enjoy your sailing journey! Responsible travelers sailing the mighty Mediterranean will not only keep Greece looking beautiful during their stay, but after they leave as well by making their journey plastic-free. So if you’re sailing past Santorini, or wondering around Crete, you can rest assured you’re protecting these amazing views!

Greece is one of those countries that can change your life. The people are filled to the brim with charm and culture, while the coasts of the brilliant Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea will leave you speechless! Experience this country the way millions of human beings have been traveling around it for centuries, set sail!


The south of France is famous throughout the world for the picturesque landscapes, the mild climate, and the small tides that sailors dream of sailing! France is one of the many countries in Europe where setting sail isn’t only practical, but it’s downright magical. There are so many different sides to this extraordinary nation and you’ll be able to explore them all!

The glamorous, star studded locations like Saint-Tropez will light and delight your more glamorous side. While the rich history in Marseille and La Trinité-sur-Mer will stun and amaze you. Whether you’re sailing to the first class city of Cannes, or wondering through the dramatic rock faces of Corsica, France will leave you wanting more!

Though the south of France has her many charms, your sailing holiday may be more about getting your sea legs experienced again! If you’re a more experienced sailor, and you have access to a trustworthy crew, then you can explore the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel! These waters aren’t as calm as the cool and collected Mediterranean, but they are just as adventurous!

The best time of year to visit the South of France is during the warm summer months. During this time there are not only beautiful summer days filled with sailing, but mysterious and fun summer nights!


Ah, Spain. Known for its beauty, its intrigue, and its absolutely awe-inspiring coastal views. This passionate country is filled with a colorful culture that will entice and romance you! Don’t be surprised if your fall in love with this glorious country. Throw on your new swimsuit, your sailing shoes, and set sail for Spain!

There are plenty of beaches in the Balearic island where you can soak up the sun, dance the night away, or enjoy a plethora of water sports. Your private yachting experience can have you sailing through the sea, then partying it up in Ibiza at night. One of the most popular nightlight destinations in the world!

Mallorca’s beautiful scenery will leave you breathless and your Spanish sailing holiday wouldn’t be complete without hitting the mainland to see Barcelona. Explore the many museums, the fine foods, then once you’ve finished exploring Spain, sail off into the sunset!

Other Countries

There are of course, many other European countries that you can discover via the brisk waters of the sea! Here are just a few of the other countries, provinces, and city states you can visit from your yacht on the Mediterranean!

  • Monaco
  • Malta
  • Slovenia
  • Portugal
  • Albania

There’s so much of the world you can access through sailing! These beautiful European countries and city states are filled with vibrant cultures, extraordinary culinary options, and adventure!

Amazing Sailing Holiday in Europe

When you charter a yacht and set sail around Europe, you’re setting off on a once in a lifetime adventure. The cool breezes of the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and the English Channel are calling you to experience the majesty of sailing.

Booking your yacht charter with an experienced company will allow you to not only relax and enjoy your holiday, but to also learn the ropes of sailing a vessel. Find the right destination, the right charter, and the right country, and you’ll be on your way to the holiday of your dreams! Whether you sail into Italy, soak up the sun in Croatia, enjoy the extravagance of the south of France, or relax in Spain and Greece, Europe has the Sailing holiday that’s perfect for you!