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Indians have never been able to decide what to take and what to leave when they plan a trip. That makes us extraordinary. We like carrying the whole world with us wherever we go. Stepping out of our comfort zone is too costly for us.

Be it airlines or railways we don’t care about theft much because apart from traveling with countless luggage, we travel with countless locks and chains too.

It is possible that this behavior of traveling king size has developed due to indecisiveness and mismanagement. We really like to understand why this happens and why Indians are not able to get rid of this habit? Let’s find out what on earth makes us do so.

1. Clothing

Why is that? Because Indian attires are heavy and this is a huge reason why women cannot travel light. Even though we love to get dressed in traditional attire, there is no denying that it occupies huge space- carrying a saree, matching petticoat and a blouse. No offense women! Due to the climate in India, people take shower often and hence you have to keep a fresh set of clothes handy when you are traveling- “Pasina se chutkara guaranteed hain!

2. Toiletries

Who doesn’t like hygiene? Especially when you have the experience of traveling on Indian railways, you know what to keep handy. If it is a long journey- then there is no surprise that you will find endless sachets of shampoos, toothpaste, soap, and towels. In case you are traveling to a foreign location, we make ourselves believe that there it might be costly. So wherever we go we are fully stocked!  And we like to spend time in bathrooms and sing songs under the shower because “Nahana ek kala hain”.

3. Eatables

home food

If you have an Indian mom at home, you have experienced the food obsession already! We Indians have grown up believing that the mother’s love for her children is directly proportional to the amount of food she feeds us. And because you are her “aankhon ka tara” she will never find you obese. No wonder, when you check the bags of Indian students, there will be ghee, achar, and papad filling the space rather than books.

4. Footwear

It is almost the same for both men and women. We like to have options when we travel to places be it business or pleasure- because “mood badal jata hain yaar!” And yes, we like to consider all the possibilities! Because while going to the bathroom, we will need slippers in case your relatives are not fond of hygiene. What if your cousins take you to a party? or, in case you decide to trek?

5. Shopping

Shopaholics, are you listening? Most people have this tendency to buy anything and everything they see around when they are visiting a certain place. Maybe due to extensive, long families. Even though it is nice to bring a token of love for people we care about but it comes at the expense of uneasy traveling with endless luggage. Please don’t brickbat us- you know this is true!

We have official data now- Indian students traveling abroad for studies devote nearly 30% of their baggage space to food items says a study conducted by Virgin Atlantic.

Oh, wait. We forgot to add the jewelry, accessories, and gadgets. Maybe next time,Kyunki space kahan bacha hain?!