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Do you consider yourself an introvert? If not, you will be amazed at the beautiful things introverts do just to avoid people. And no, they are not crazy. They are often alone, but rarely lonely, and like to live in their head all day.

While extroverts like to be the center of attraction and take the center stage, introverts love to work behind the scenes. No doubt, like extroverts, introverts are awesome too, but in their own way!

Here are 9 things that every introvert loves.

Solo activities

introvert feeling worse alone away from home

Introverts love to stay alone and spend time with themselves. Even if they are alone, they are never lonely, rather spending time with themselves is almost like a source of energy for them. Needless to say, they are master at cultivating a healthy relationship with themselves.

Deep conversations

They need you to accept them and not change them. They are legends in the art of listening and therefore any conversation with them can be interesting AF.

Canceled plans

Be it going to a party, watching a movie in a theatre or attending weddings- avoiding people tops their priority list always. They can go to the extent of lying or do something really crazy like pretending to be sick or busy just to be alone because they completely treasure silence

Text messages

Introverts suck at responding to text messages and they may apologize for it, but every time their phone rings, their heart skip a beat and their mind frames series of questions before they respond to the texts.


Extroverts might attract attention and be the focus of all activities, but introverts are kings and queens in their own world and daydreaming makes it even better. Imagining endless possibilities makes them happy and contented.


Introverts are like a volcano- calm on the surface and extremely excited inside. So, every time you meet them, you will fail to gauge what goes inside their head but because of their curious nature and addiction to their daily dose of excitement, they cannot fail to intervene in matters that interest them.


Everyday! Eveready! Like phones, they are also charged all day. No matter what the situations are, they like to stay prepared all day and are very discreet about their problems. If something worries them, they resolve it within and in the best possible way.

Rainy days

Probably this will make an entry in their favorite list of days. Introverts absolutely treasure silence but they are extremely fond of nature. As much they enjoy the sunshine, they also understand rain. The sound of raindrops is calming, soothing and even therapeutic for them.

Home is heaven

introvert happy at home

It is like a safe place for all introverts and they love to enjoy “me time” because with all their heart they believe that self-care is not selfish.

If you have an introvert in your contact list, bookmark that person. Even though they are an open book, don’t fail to read the Do Not Disturbsign on their face!