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I wish life were more like the video games from the 1990’s; the graphics must have been shitty then, but at least you could pause the game and go on with other things. Life in 2018 is very similar to online gaming: you cannot hit pause, there are thousands of players all trying to kill you, and the only way you can survive is by being the absolute best at what you do. No pressure.

If, however, you are done trying to break your head over how to bring more order and organization into your life, maybe it’s time you took a chill pill, stretch your body out a little and read through this list of ‘happy day’ makers.

1. Stimulate your brain

The brain likes to exercise. Indulging in puzzles, brain games, trying your hand at new skills, researching new hobbies; these are personal activities that help cut off from other stresses. Think of your brain as that sponge that can take in unbelievable amounts of data, just for you to convert into useful information when required. When your mind is conditioned to more informing and thinking more things than those that its habituated to, it keeps you sharp and keeps you mentally fresh.

2. Learn to manage stress better

Most people who want to be stress-free do so by identifying and prioritizing their stresses. Spend time understanding what’s stressing you, and in the absence of a solution, be okay with a solution coming in the future. The beauty of stress is, often, it is a passing moment in time, and considering how personal it is, you are best suited to understand how to deal with it. Slow down, take a deep breath, assess your stresses, and deal with them one at a time. Okay?

3. Leave the couch, stretch and get some exercise

This one’s especially difficult if, like me, you too are also a lazy person. Whether you have not given working out a shot ever or have stopped over time, giving up on a sedentary lifestyle has multiple benefits. I personally like putting my earphones on and going on long walks (walking in the city sucks, but there are green pockets if you look hard enough).

4. Make sleep important again

Recharge your brain through sleep. Research has found that when we don’t get enough sleep proteins build upon synapses – which can make it hard to think and learn new things. If you’re having issues sleeping, get into a habit of doing some activity that makes you happy before sleeping. It’s better than forcing yourself to sleep while being altogether restless. Sleep is important; make those changes.

5. Improve your hand-eye coordination

Research shows that developing a strong hand-eye coordination helps your brain become more receptive, in turn helping both mentally and physically. This coordination, while seemingly simple and subconscious, also affects your reflexes, and in turn, helps your body relax faster. Indulging in activities like a sport, or writing, or paying attention to being swifter will help you beat tiredness and be active daily.

6. Hang out with friends and fun people

Hanging out with friends is possibly everyone’s favorite mode of letting go the tiredness of life. Learn to make friends with those who enjoy the kind of things you enjoy. Also, learn to be open-minded about exploring new things along with friends who have different interests. In this age of social networking and socializing, it is not as difficult to connect with those people who enjoy what you enjoy, create strong friendships, and help each other cope with problems.

7. Eat a healthy diet

We are what we eat. Unfortunately, not many of us can claim to be healthy people made of healthy food. Switch off from the junk food fare you are used to, and switch to healthier options. While this is difficult initially, putting your mind and body through the ordeal has almost instant positive results. These include better blood circulation, less lethargy, better digestion, better sleep, and general relaxation.

8. Don’t indulge excessively in bad habits

Indulgences are tricky- the fine line between enjoying an occasional personal vice and becoming an addict to it, is literally how much of your time in the day you let it occupy. It is best to stay away from smoking, drinking, excessive eating, and pretty much any activity that you will eventually regret. The key, however, is to always know your limits, enjoy in a little more than moderation, and keep the body and mind rejuvenated more than tired and exhausted.

9. Ask around and offer help

In all the running around that is life, it is often simple to forget that we are social beings capable of helping each other live better lives. If there is anything that you feel the need to ask hep for, always do it. While friends and family might not always have the time to come to your aid, it is necessary to form a network around you that is supportive, and one that you can help too. Sharing our experiences and putting heads together to solve problems often make the tasks in front of us simpler to complete.