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Imagine your life without being able to smell the fragrance of your favorite perfume or the aroma of that hot cappuccino in front of you! Hard to imagine, right? Because it is the first sense you use when you are born. Thus, you just get so used to it that you hardly think- what if I can’t smell things.

The olfactory lobe, or olfactory bulb, is the structure of the brain that receives neural input from the nasal cavity, thus processing the sense of smell. The cells within the nasal cavity detect odors in the form of chemical particulates within the air and send the received information to the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is believed to tell odors apart – amplifying sensitivity to odors, identifying important odors and sending the information to higher level areas of the brain for further information processing.

Scientists have found that smell is the sense that’s most tied to memory, and this makes one contemplate the possibility that a person’s favorite smell is tied into a favorite memory. These sense memories are waiting in your subconscious mind to be awakened with one sniff of a candle.

Call us sentimental, but all of the scents on this list are the ones connected to important parts of life, and you are very likely to feel the same way about more than one of the smells on this list.


The sense of smell complements the taste of food, forming the perceived flavor of the food in the brain. Abnormal conditions, such as having a cold, distort this sense of flavor, states the Society for Neuroscience. Be it the smell of coffee, chocolate, melted butter, pizza, barbeque on the grill, or the citrus smell you remember, all of them are vividly out of the well-managed register in your brain and that’s how your craving follows.

Wet Earth

All the nature lovers, poets, artists, and farmers! You know exactly what I am talking about. Just when the clouds shower the first rain, the earth smells so wonderful that you get lost in its beauty and tend to thank the nature for cooling and watering the withered crust.

Freshly Cut Grass

Many of us like this smell after mowing the lawn. It has a peculiar odor.

Wood and Forest

These two smells have been registered in our heads since we were monkeys. We are sure!


Roses, jasmine, lily, lavender; the list of wonderfully scented flowers is unending, which is why all the best scents and deodorants capture their odor, and we love them.

Old and New Books

Book lovers, we know your bond with the pages. It feels wonderful to inhale the printed letters when you open a book and get lost in its castle of words.

Currency Notes

Well, we all know this smell and tend to love the smell of a new crisp note out of the ATM. Call it a greedy act or whatever, all of us happen to do so.

Smell of Babies and Old People

The smell of milk and baby oil and the smell of aging skin mark the beginning and end of human life. All of us know these smells and the infants and grandmas keep reminding us of our short lived lives on earth with these whiffs.

Petrol, Kerosene and Other Oils

There are records of people addicted to petrol and kerosene out of their lust for their smell. Can you imagine! We know you have similar urges as well!


Just when you buy a pair of new boots or a leather jacket or take out your leather wear from the wardrobe for the winter, you can’t help but smell it. This smell is loved by many.

Alcohol, Marijuana

The eyes of dope and booze lovers are going to light up bright with this listing. We know you can smell these two from miles away!

Watch How Exactly The System Works When You Smell

Image and video sources: video | Tumblr | Flickr | PexelsWikimedia