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Sports betting has turned out to be an essential aspect of the sports industry, as almost every fan strives to make an impression on the market by wagering on what they believe is the rightful outcome of the game. Although fans don’t have any direct impact on the proceedings, they can satisfy their competitive urge by betting on their favorite team’s results or individual performances and feel a sense of elation when their prediction comes true. Sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar market, where punters from all corners of the globe come together through a common platform that is offered by leading online sportsbooks and web-based bookmakers.


Betfair is one of the more celebrated bookmakers in the sports betting industry, where punters can access the markets through a proprietary betting exchange or a dedicated sportsbook. Betfair has proven to be a reliable operator in all matters related to sports betting, which is evident in the number of bettors that use the platform for different sports categories. Regardless, here are some of the top sports markets that are offered under the Betfair brand.


Cricket can be considered as an integral component of online sports betting and has become the default choice for Indian cricketing fans, especially for those who have a hard time in finding a reliable bookmaker through local sources. Betfair offers the convenience and flexibility of choosing either the betting exchange or the standalone sportsbook, which presents ample opportunities for punters to diversify their betting portfolio. Read a comprehensive Betfair cricket review to have a thorough grasp of how the bookmaker can help you to access the vast world of cricket betting on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. From thrilling T20 games to ODIs, Test Matches, and First Class Cricket, Betfair covers almost all major tournaments and minor leagues that are scheduled in the calendar.


Football, or otherwise known as soccer to American punters, is a highly popular betting market in Europe and the rest of the world. With several premier leagues, global tournaments, high-profile players, and billions of football fans avidly watching the latest developments in the game, football offers an excellent array of betting options for a novice, as well as professional punters. In terms of sheer volumes and viewership, football is only second to the Olympics, but the availability of multiple games, international tournaments, and several major/minor leagues make it an attractive opportunity for those who follow the sport closely. Betfair has an exhaustive sportsbook and exchange options that cover almost all games that are being played in the world of football.

American Football

American football is predominantly a US-based market, but it still attracts one of the highest wagering volumes in the entire sports betting industry. The reason behind the sport’s popularity in the gambling industry can be attributed to the popularity of the game outside the US, especially in Europe and Australia, with some part of Asia also following the different leagues with greater interest. American football is a mainstay in a majority of sportsbooks offered by Las Vegas casinos, but Betfair offers a far superior option for those that prefer a reliable and regulated online sportsbook.

Boxing, MMA & Fight Tournaments

Hand-to-hand combat satisfies our primal instincts of ascertaining dominance in the hierarchy of life, which is why all fighting tournaments, including boxing, mixed martial arts, and other similar events earn special respect in our sporting interests. Betfair offers an excellent collection of boxing competitions and MMA matches, which provide you with an incredible opportunity to wager on the top fighters and take home a massive prize. The bookmaker also provides betting options on high-profile events that occur between heavyweights, where the purse can go well into a high nine-figure payout.

Formula1 & Motorsports

The high-octane action of Formula1 and other motorsports categories offer a prime opportunity for bettors to take advantage of the exciting world of speed, precision, and technology. There are various betting options available through the Betfair motorsport category, with the sportsbook updated according to the most relevant schedule in the motorsport calendar. Formula1 is fast turning out to be a hugely popular sporting event in almost all parts of the world, with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East being the primary markets for the sport. Nevertheless, with new owners and regulations that give priority to fans’ preferences, F1 has managed to acquire audiences in the US and other territories, where F1 has not enjoyed any visibility in recent years.


The classy game of the royal warriors needs no introductions, as it has captured the imagination of fans for many decades. The current crop of players has been providing the best form of entertainment over the past few years, which has certainly alleviated the game’s popularity in several new markets across the globe. Betfair hosts an elaborate tennis betting platform through its online bookmaker service, whereby punters can indulge in international and domestic tennis tournaments or individual matches through the exchange or the sportsbook.


The game of basketball has many fans across the world, with the USA being the most prominent market regarding the leagues and matches played. Nevertheless, the sport also offers numerous games and tournaments across Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific, providing ample opportunities to place wagers on your favorite teams and players. The Betfair exchange also gives you an opportunity to wager against other players through its exchange platform, which is a unique attribute in the betting industry.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is an event has pioneered and modernized the concept of sports betting, as it is the only traditional form of wagering on sports that are accepted and legal in most countries. Therefore, Betfair has one of the best Horse Racing platforms in the market, which not only offers horse race markets but also provides other options such as Grey Hound Racing.


Esports is the newest category in the world of sports betting, which allow punters to bet on gamers that try their skills at the various PC, Xbox, or PlayStation gaming tournaments. Several sports organizations and governing bodies have started organizing e-sports alongside their regular counterparts, thereby offering an innovative and exciting option for punters to wager on specific gaming talents from around the world. The Betfair Esports platform ensures that punters only get access to the top-quality tournaments in the market, without making any compromises on the overall quality of the sports betting experience.

You can also visit other specific websites such as for more information on the leading sportsbooks that offer excellent odds and markets for cricket and other top sporting events. You can also read through a Betfair review or find other leading bookmakers that have an excellent track record in the online sports betting industry.