70 years. 3 generations. This is a microcosm of the loss Kashmir has suffered since 15 August 1947. It started with nothing- just the greed of a few men who wanted power at any cost.

The word in Sanskrit which describes the power struggle in Kashmir perfectly is Varchasva. This is the fight for overall suzerainty and ultimate power, whatever may be the cost. This power cannot be shared. Its very nature is that is unquestioned and unquestionable.

The old, vile men of Kashmir, those powerful few, found resonance with another set of old vile men. But this other group of old vile men was not from Kashmir. Far towards the west of Srinagar is a city called Rawalpindi. They were from Pindi. They wore Khaki. They were far better organized and funded.
Together, these old, vile men of Kashmir and Rawalpindi burned Kashmir to the ground.

Khusrau’s paradise was no more a paradise.

But life finds a way. This video hopes that the silent majority of Kashmir will find their voice and speak out against the tyranny of a few old, vile men.

For too long, blood has been shed. For too long, Kashmir has seen RED SNOW.