It is rightly said, that “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop” and it seems that the residents of an Odisha village did exactly the same.

Instead of waiting for the government to build them a road and being tired of requesting the administration for years to construct them a proper one, the residents of a village under Ambapadar in Odisha’s Kalahandi have taken the matter in their hands. Each one of them contributed each Rs.3000 each for the 3-km long road construction, mentioned ANI report.

people construct village road with own money

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Further, the villagers also told the news agency that they were waiting for a properly constructed road since independence.

While talking to ANI, a villager said, “Whenever we complain about roads to administration we are told how can your village have facilities when the block doesn’t have? Hence, we contributed money among ourselves for the construction of the road. We brought a JCB machine for the construction of the road.”

Another villager complained about the fake promises made by politicians during elections to gain votes and then after polls how their demands are never met.

The road is currently being repaired which connects the village to the main road.