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She assists 82 dogs, 35 cats, 4 ponies, a pig, a horse and a donkey, along with just five caretakers. She is a Master Trainer in Animal Welfare, and also the Founder of “Terra Animal Trust”.

When you care for one, your love grows manifolds. Animals have a tendency to love unconditionally. Unlike humans, they do not ask for any materialistic exchange. They are content with that simple smile and a little pat on their back.

animals in Probably Paradise

Roxanne Davur

Living up to these ideals, Roxanne Davur, an old Parsi lady living in a small town of Karjat outside Mumbai, had opened an animal care shelter in 1.5 acres of land. She believes a paradise could be boring. Thus, she calls this shelter “Probably Paradise“. Roxanne believes in the betterment of animals, creatures that cannot voice their opinions, creatures that cannot assert their right over anything. She believes that their ill-treatment and outcasting from the society has deprived them of their basic animal rights. She wants to uplift them off their misery. She considers animals equal to, or maybe better than humans, as their company doesn’t depend on conflicts, judgements, or malice towards each other. They are pure at heart, unharmed and unconcerned to the petty issues of human life.

“Animals love unconditionally. Humans love – always with pre-conditions.”

“Probably Paradise” is an animal care shelter aimed to provide a home for the chronically diseased animals. Its efforts lie in the propagation of the concerns related to animal keeping. It tries to build a home for the downtrodden animals, who have been kicked away unwanted because of their deformity.

A lover of all good things in life, her company of animals, she considers, is one of the best things that happened to her. Her sole purpose of this “Probably Paradise” is to continue to battle against people who regard animals as commodities, and not creatures with life breathed into them. She stands affirmative in her stand.

“Probably Paradise”, Roxanne says, has been difficult to handle because a place like this needs at least 2 lakhs to maintain and improve the situations over there. She emphasises the importance of helpful money. She even considers electricity to be a problem. The power shortage needs to improve, according to her. But even among the adversities, she never holds back her smile. Being an optimistic lady, she looks at every problem with a solving eye. And that’s the best thing that keeps her going.

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Late night cattle rescues, to educating locals on better livestock keeping, to sterilisation of dogs, she has done everything with sincerity, single-handedly.

And, the only thing that she asks of us is to treat them with respect, look at them with love, care, and warmth, and not leave them to suffer. Roxanne Davur invites everyone to come and enjoy life, along with these little beautiful creatures.

The only mantra that she has faith in is, “The more you give, the more you get“.

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