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The world is now taken over by the sexiest beast charmer! Intrigued? Meet the world’s sexiest vet who would make you want to own a pet, just so that you get to visit this hottie!

His named is Dr. Evan Antin and lately, his Instagram(1M+ followers), and Facebook(537,316 fans) posts have hovered over the internet, firing up million female hearts.

Antin works at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, where he specializes as an “animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian”. The vet is on a mission to bring joy to “peaceful animal lovers!” by posting photos (a.k.a. “pelfies”) of himself with his fluffy — and sometimes scaled — patients. No wonder this is the sole reason why so many followers are buzzing around him.

Other than being devilishly handsome, this 33-year-old vet has an impressive résumé.

Antin previously spent several years traveling between six continents to treat animals and received his doctorate from the Colorado State University in veterinary sciences before settling down at Conejo Valley. To him, there’s nothing more sacred than the bond between animals and human beings.

Dr. Evan currently lives with his dog- Henry, his cat – Willy, his savannah monitor lizard – Matilda, and several tropical fish, and he is happily engaged to his girlfriend. Jealous? Eh…?

In his spare time, he loves to lift weights, hike, and snowboard. He also does some modeling on the side. No surprise there!

Even though you can’t ask him out, he encourages everyone to ask him animal-related questions. Just recently, he started a Q&A blog on the Conejo Valley Happening website.

In case it’s getting hard to resist, you may connect with Antin here on Facebook and Instagram.