A 61-year-old heart patient from Jodhpur Rajasthan was traveling in an auto-rickshaw to reach her hotel in Ahmedabad. However, upon reaching the hotel she soon realized that she has lost all her life’s savings worth Rs 4 lakh and had nothing to do but regret.

Nanji Nayi with Premlata Gehlot (source)

Premlata Gehlot, who is a retired nurse had a sinking feeling while losing all her savings. But, within an hour, the auto-rickshaw driver Nanji Nayi found her and handed the bag containing the cash, mentioned TOI report.

Gehlot was carrying the cash for her bypass surgery, in Thaltej on Tuesday and the noble deed of Nayi left her awestruck.

She was with her husband Dharmnarayan Gehlot, when they reached the city on July 24 and got down at Ranip ST bus depot. From there, they boarded Nayi’s auto-rickshaw to reach the private hospital in Thaltej. After asking Nayi to point out to some economy hotels in the area while traveling, the couple got down for some refreshments and while getting down, Premlata forgot the bag containing Rs 4 lakh. When they went to the hotel to deposit their luggage, both of them realized that they had left the bag in the auto-rickshaw.

My ailing heart almost sank. We desperately went around the area looking for the driver and later approached Vastrapur police station in the hope of recovering out our lost money,” Premlata said.

Nayi saw the bag in the auto-rickshaw when he started cleaning it. He said, “My heart skipped a beat as I have never seen so much cash all my life.” When he realized that the money belonged to the old woman, he took his son and son-in-law along with him and rushed to the Vastrapur police station. On reaching there, he found that the elderly couple was already sitting there, and he managed to return the money.

For the last 25 years, Nayi has been driving auto-rikshaw. Premlata said that if Nayi would have failed to return the money, her life would have been in a critical condition.

Further, the doctors said that the surgery that they were going to perform was a life-saving procedure as the patient’s heart has three major blockages. Premlata also has diabetes and neurological complications, but Nayi’s act of kindness will surely make her feel better.