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The bustling streets of OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) in the city of Chennai is filled with IT professionals commuting to and from their workplaces every day and night. For most of these people, share autos seem to be the best mode of transport when it comes to saving time. These auto-rickshaws travel along common routes and get people to reach their destinations, the catch being that they are cheaper too.

But some of these commuters wait for an amazing auto to pick them up. Yes, this is no ordinary auto rickshaw. This auto comes with special amenities including a laptop, tablets, free WiFi, magazines and lots more.

Awesome Anna inside his Amazing Auto

Awesome Anna inside his Amazing Auto

Customers are also entitled to special offers which one could not even imagine of. For example, teachers always get a free ride in this auto. Also free for all lovers on valentines day, mothers with their kids on mothers day, for all fathers, children below 18 and even 50% off on fathers day, children day and his own birthday respectively.

What You Can Find In This Amazing Auto

Anna Durai says that you can find WiFi, 40 magazines(weekly, daily, monthly) and about 10 newspapers, a laptop, a tablet, an iPad Pro, m-Visa and a card punching machine so that you can even pay cashless. There are also chargers available in case you need to recharge your smartphone or laptop.

On the whole, this auto rickshaw is a complete entertainer. Whether you are traveling to work or returning home, it is good enough to entertain you. Anna Durai understands that people are more interested in luxury these days and he wants to bring that into the world of auto rickshaws.

Just another business day with his Amazing Auto

Just another business day with his Amazing Auto

Needless to say, Anna Durai has recently launched an app called Amazing Auto and it helps people in tracking the location of the auto and alerts them when he is nearby. The Android version has been released and the iOS version is on its way.

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Amazing Auto App

Anna Durai – The Man Behind The Amazing Auto

I don’t focus on money. My only focus is on customer satisfaction.

In the driver’s seat of the Amazing Auto, one could find a person who loves doing his job. Anna Durai, fondly called ‘Anna’, which translates to elder brother in Tamil by his passengers, decided to make his job more exciting by pimping up his auto rickshaw. A high school dropout, Anna Durai has a common trait that many other dropouts have; he is an entrepreneur.

Anna durai with Bharti Singh

When celebrities crave for a click with him…

He starts working at around 8 AM in the morning till 12 PM and then from 5 PM to 11 PM on a typical day. When he initially started doing this, the other auto drivers in his area did not seem to welcome the idea, but they have their respect for him now.

Anna Durai has his own website, and a Facebook page called ‘Amazing Auto’ which has more than 10,000 followers already. He is now looked upon as an entrepreneur and goes to corporate gatherings to deliver inspirational speeches. He also has a couple of TED talks to his credit.

Anna Durai with amazing auto

Anna in one of his TEDX talks

While I spoke to Anna Durai over a call, I understood that he was a simple person with a great mind. He is definitely not eager to earn money, but he wants to make his customers happy. Anna Durai has many loyalty programs and referral offers for his customers and he even pays them back if they complete a number of rides in a month.

Anna Durai’s Plans For The Future

Customers prefer to experience luxury these days. I must keep myself upgraded accordingly”.

Anna Durai understands that things change fast and thus he wants to upgrade his ideas as well. One of these ideas includes upgrading his auto to a four-wheeler with facilities like these and he is planning to partner with one of India’s best entrepreneurs for his next venture.

A lot of things have changed today, except for the auto. Most auto rickshaws are the same as they were decades ago and there is no improvement. I want to bring a change in this area…”, says the enterprising Anna.



Anna Durai is not happy with the way autos are today and hence, he created the Amazing Auto. He has come a long way from being a high school dropout to an entrepreneur who delivers inspirational talks. Needless to say, he has definitely inspired many and he has a lot of new ideas brimming in his mind. He is definitely a person who believes in a life beyond numbers because he gives more importance to customer satisfaction rather than money. Now that is what all successful entrepreneurs have in common, don’t they?

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