Kindness and compassion have nothing to do with age. This class X student from Bhopal has done something encouraging in hope to free prisoners who have served their jail term but cannot pay their fines.

Ayush Kishore has turned 14 this year and on Independence Day he has decided to get 14 prisoners released by donating Rs 27,850. Twelve of them are from Indore jail and two from Bhopal. Earlier, he had also secured the release of 4 prisoners on Republic Day this year.

Ayush Kishore

Ayush Kishore (source)

For being an all-rounder, Ayush has received numerous scholarships from his school. Not just that, because of his brilliance, he has won gold medals in several national and international competitions.

What proved to be a turning point for Ayush was Bhopal jailbreak in October 2016. In that unfortunate incident, a jail constable of SIMI jail was killed and it was just prior to his daughter getting married. While talking to TOI, Ayush said, “I wanted to help his family so I asked my mother to donate Rs.10,000 that I got as prize money to his daughter’s wedding.” Later, he was informed that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan had come forward to help that woman.

Noticing that her son is inclined to help people to come out of their misery, Ayush’s mother Vinita Malviya who is an assistant at IG-planning branch suggested his son to donate his another prize money to the prisoners who have already completed their punishment but are still in jail because they are not able to pay the fine.

While talking to TOI, Ayush told that “The Joy of helping in the release of four prisoners in January this year can’t be put in words.” Further, expressing his joy, he said, that the prisoners were quite happy to unite with their families. This became an inspiration for him to do more good.

Adding to that he said, “I met a prisoner who has completed his punishment two years ago but was still in jail. Seeing him I decided to help as many as I could. Many of them had fines of Rs 6,000.

Apart from winning accolades from his school, he is also in the Limca Book of Records for winning the Aloha International Arithmetic Competition. “After he showed an interest in helping the martyred constable’s family, after the SIMI jailbreak, I did not want him to lose the spirit of helping others. So, I suggested that he help prisoners,” says his mother.