While it is advised to stay home during pregnancy, but urban lifestyle demands otherwise. Be it your job or urgent necessity to shift to another city, in such forced circumstances traveling for pregnant women can be overwhelming.

Thanks to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), which has decided to take action against the safety of pregnant women by allowing them to use separate entry and exit gates at all metro stations.

bangalore metro

According to the TOI report, the action was taken after these women raised concerns regarding safe travel using the regular entry and exit gates at the stations. However, the BMRCL defended saying that there is nothing unsafe about using the regular gates.

Women, particularly from Rajajinagar and those using Trinity station, expressed their concern to BMRCL over using AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates as well and some are also worried that the metal detectors could harm their babies.

A source mentioned that “Women were concerned that these gates – which open when you swipe the Metro card or drop the token and close after the passenger crosses over – would shut abruptly and hit them.”

The officials, however, said that there is no x-ray when it comes to metal detectors and therefore there is nothing to be worried about. Also, the detectors installed in Nama Metro has sensors and nothing more.

BMRCL spokesperson BLY Chavan said, “There were several requests from women. There is no problem with the detectors, and that has been explained. Also, the AFC gates don’t close until a person completely passes through them. Therefore, there’s no concern even there.” But due to several requests, the authorities have considered letting pregnant women use the other gates on humanitarian grounds.

Even though there are no exact tracked numbers available, however, approximately more than 15 pregnant women use the service gates regularly.

Time for other cities to take a cue from Bangalore!