To conserve and archive the historic police records of Mumbai Police, a MoU has been signed between the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office, the Mumbai Police Foundation, and Tata Trusts on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Mumbai Police. Source: Wikimedia

Maharashtra’s first Police Museum will be set up in Mumbai to generate awareness about the rich history of the city’s police force, that is one of the oldest and its inception can be traced back to 1864.

The archiving project will be an exercise in organization and maintenance that will also train police volunteers in good practices of conservation and archiving. The development of the Police Museum is a project to present to the citizens a slice of history from the perspective of the force,” a Mumbai Police Foundation Spokesperson said, according to the Daily Pioneer report.

Apart from establishing the police museum, the MoU will also focus on a project to enhance the efficiency of the police force of this city and ensure social, cultural and public welfare. It will also restore the artifacts, equipment of historical value to the history of police, mentioned IANS.

By digitizing the police records and computerizing police stations, the police force can work in a far more efficient manner and synchronization. This will also promote and secure the well-being of the policemen of Mumbai and their families.