In a time when gender equality movements are at its peak, having ‘Adarsh Boys’ (ideal mean) around us may instantly solve the crisis.

With an aim to teach Indian students good habits and become an ideal man, in the 1980s and ’90s,  these educational charts were a crucial part of the primary school projects and assignments. The ideal behavior was explained with the help of graphics and there were several translations as well.

But, there is a reason why Millennials are having a good laugh now.

On Sunday, a poster was shared by the British Comedian that has put the internet on fire and it will keep you LOLing throughout the day.

The post became viral, got 5.2k likes and 1.2k retweets. Stephen wrote-   

While some are asking for the Desi doctor who hung up the poster, others are having a good laugh at Hindi to English translations. A handful of them is also figuring out why the poster shows to brush your teeth after the morning walk.  

While for some parents, the poster is a reality check, others have a different opinion of the content. Some are also wondering what the girls’ version will look like-

Not just that, non-Indian twitteratis got confused what NCC means (read National Cadet Corps, which trains school and college students for Indian military) and several proposals were at thrown at him, asking the comedian to join their organizations.

What are the other peculiarities? The illustrator draws the boy with his underpants while he is shown taking bath. Also, why will you keep the tap running if you are having a shower?