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Taking a cue from Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy hit song “Apna Time Ayega”, a traffic cop from Delhi has twisted its lyrics and made a quirky song on road safety. The rap song by the cool cop has gone viral and people are praising this man for his cool idea to ensure that commuters are safe on the road.

delhi traffic police rap song

Sandeep Shahi

A head constable with Delhi’s Traffic Police, Sandeep Shahi has become no less than a star after the video went viral and since then it has received positive reviews.

This is how the song “Tera Time Ayega” goes- “Humse na ho payega, kaun bola? Sadak ki, suraksha ki, jeevan ki raksha ki, helmet ki, seatbelt ki niyam agar apnayega, jeevan khushaal ban jaayega. Baat meri maan, suraksha ko jaan. Tera time aayega. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

While speaking to ANI, Shahi told that he had no clue that the song has become this popular and that his purpose was to send a message to people who don’t take road safety seriously and are hesitant to follow the rules. Therefore, as a part of his responsibility, this is how he thought he could make people aware.

Further, he explains how painful was it for him to see that his wife suffering from the injuries of a road accident. “In order to have a prolonged life, knowledge of road safety and its rules is imperative,” mentions Shahi to the news agency.

What else makes him awesome? He never celebrates his birthday nor his marriage anniversary. Instead, he uses that money to buy helmets and give them to people on the street.

So this good Samaritan thought what better way to connect with the youths of today than introducing them to a rap song. “I see many young people take traffic rules very lightly. Therefore, I decided to write this rap, it was the best way to connect with the youth,” he added.

This is not this man’s first unique campaign. Before this, he used to stand wearing a helmet and show a mirror to motorcyclists a mirror to focus on the fact that everyone should follow road safety norms.

Take a bow, Sir!